Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easy Easter Cookie Decorating Kits

We are all about some holidays over here! We are also all about ease. This pregger mama doesn't have time for elaborate crafts and recipes but still wants to have fun with the little ones. This easy Easter cookie decorating activity was quite the hit for us!
All you need is an egg carton, sugar cookies, frosting and toppings. Since it was just my two little guys I used one egg carton and cut the top off and then cut in half. Went the lazy route and made sugar cookies from a mix and frosting out of can. For toppings we went with Peeps, bunny marshmallows, peanut butter eggs, jelly beans and of course sprinkles.
Just separate all the toppings into the egg carton and you are all set. Perfect little portions for the kiddos! 
This would be so fun for a party activity with little ones or even to keep your kids entertained during Easter brunch. I know my little men certainly enjoyed it. And of course more toppings were consumed than actually used to decorate. Whatever keeps them occupied!


  1. officially now saving all of our egg cartons. because THIS IS ADORABLE.

  2. Okay, this I can handle. I LOVE IT! Cute cute mama