Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday Funday

Well we our back from our twelve day, whirlwind Texas adventure.  So many stories to share.  We had an AMAZING time, and George met so many friends and family.  I was sad to leave, but we were so excited to be home with B.  As much as I love going home and seeing everyone, yesterday just made me really appreciate our little family of three (oops, four...sorry Chloe!) and the life we have created here in Nashville.  We got home Saturday night and put George down (after some much needed catch up time with Dad!) and awoke yesterday morning from a glorious, almost nine hour slumber (thank you, George!). We decided to take in the gorgeous weather and spend the day as a family outside.  We took a long walk around McCabe Park, and I think my smile was shining brighter than the sun itself.  I kept thinking it seems like just yesterday we were bringing our tiny new person home from the hospital all bundled up on a chilly December night, and now here we are on this beautiful spring day strolling along with our precious, perfect three month old baby.  I saw families of all shapes and sizes and immediately was thinking ahead to all the many walks in the park throughout each stage of George's life.  I cannot wait to show him how to blow the dandelions.  I cannot wait for his first bike ride without training wheels.  I can wait for our last walk before he heads off to college. ;)  I know I am getting ahead of myself and am really working on just taking in each moment, each day and enjoying each and every stage of his precious life. Along our walk I just had to stop and take in how thankful and truly blessed I am for the amazing life we have.  I knew being a mom would be an incredible experience and that B and I would grow together as parents, but I could not fathom how much I would love being George's mom and just how much it would make me love B even more.  Our little man was all tuckered out after our long stroll (as were his parents!), so thankfully he slept so we could grill and enjoy a lovely dinner just the two of us outside.  What a perfect end to an absolutely perfect day.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

A great piece of advice I received before George was born was that no matter what, as soon as possible, go on a date, just B and me.  Luckily we had my mom and then B's mom staying with us those first three weeks, so we had the chance to have several date nights.

I also heard from several friends, even though it is hard, try and go away, just the two of you, once you feel comfortable enough.  B and I never got the chance to take a babymoon because we literally had something every weekend the last several months before George was born.  So, when B's mom said she wanted to come visit last weekend, I thought why not let her stay with the little man and we can escape for the night.

I heard about the Stone Fort Inn in Chattanooga and thought it looked like a perfect, quaint B&B that would be easy to get to, yet fun and unique.  So excited to get away, but knowing Chattanooga was not exactly a glamorous destination, I was amused and surprised to find this NY Times article on the Inn's Facebook page.  How impressive!  #25!  I mean we were torn between Chattanooga, Morroco and Malaysia. ;)

So we booked our room and thus began the process of preparing to leave the little guy (i.e. pumping!).  Prior to last week, George never had a bottle. So we started on Tuesday. A little apprehensive but eventually he took it. Wednesday he drank like a champ. My mother-in-law arrived Thursday (George adores her!), and she attempted to give him his bottle that night. Epic fail. The boy was furious. We went to bed and hoped for the best the next day.  Friday, same situation.  He was happy as could be until you put that bottle near him.  So we went to bed Friday night thinking we were going to have to cancel our reservation.  I was so sad but knew we had our baby's best interest at heart.  We decided to try one more bottle Saturday morning, and if he took it, we were out the door!  Sure enough, his MeMo had the magic touch, and we were gone. :)

Driving there I was still feeling a little guilty, thinking that might have just been a fluke and now my baby is going to starve to death and cry all night keeping my sweet mother-in-law up all night in turn making her exhausted for her seven hour drive the next morning all so I could have some adult beverages without looking at my nursing schedule and good, uninterrupted sleep.  Clearly I didn't feel that guilty as we continued driving. ;)

We arrived at the Stone Fort completely forgetting they are on Eastern time and realized we missed the wine and cheese reception.  However sweet innkeeper Dee greeted us still with a bottle of Pinot Noir, our favorite!

We checked into our room and I was kicking myself for not bringing sparkling water (ever since pregnancy I am addicted and go crazy without it!), but to my pleasant surprise discovered this.

It's all about the little things for me! :)

Before heading to dinner we took in the Inn a bit.

I just loved all the details in each room.  So unique.

We walked across the street to Public House for dinner.  Upscale Southern comfort food.  Sounded amazing.  The waiter recommended starting with their signature appetizer, pimento cheese with grilled sourdough bread and fried pickles.  B and I both agreed it was the best thing we have ever eaten.


In honor of our first night away, I celebrated with a champagne cocktail, my favorite.

As I was enjoying the libations, B got a text from his mom.  I was thinking, uh-oh, this is it.  George is going crazy, and we are about to have to head back to Nashville.  Quite the opposite!  She was happy to report he sucked down the whole bottle and actually had to make another one!  I was ecstatic knowing my child would at least be well-fed when I returned...still wondered though how the rest of the evening would shape up (i.e. would he sleep??).

Once I knew my baby was eating, I did the same. :)  Enjoyed the fabulous vegetable plate followed by creme brûlée for dessert.  I stuffed myself silly!  

We headed back to the Inn and enjoyed some pool.  Of course B killed me.  I am terrible.  Seriously terrible.

After a little FaceTiming with the boy (yes, we are those parents!) we hit the sack (too bad we chose Daylight Savings for our one night of glorious, uninterrupted sleep!).  I woke up the next morning feeling so refreshed but suddenly felt the feeling would fade as I prepared to call B's mom for a report.  Was thrilled to learn he was still asleep!  He slept seven and a half hours, drank his bottle and was back asleep in his crib. It was music to my ears!  George's fabulous report allowed me to enjoy the scrumptious breakfast even more. :)  Chipotle eggs Benedict, apple cinnamon crepes, spinach and feta quiche and white chocolate raspberry scones all made for a delectable dining experience. 

I was a little sad to leave so soon but was anxious to see my little man.  Walking into this just made my heart melt!

I love him so much and thank God daily for blessing B and me with the incredible opportunity to be this precious angel's parents (I also am thankful for such a wonderful mother-in-law who loves my baby so!).  They even picked flowers for us. :)

All in all a fabulous getaway and so glad we decided to go!

Monday, March 12, 2012

A good lesson...

My boy is getting older. He's getting bigger. He's getting more active.  I wish I could make time stand still.  Or at least drag out each month a little longer.  Gone are the days where I could count on George to just sleep through whatever outing we took or event we attended.  I learned this the hard way at church last week.  We have been so spoiled being able to take the little guy to church and not having to drop him off in the nursery with other kids (i.e. germs!).  So last Sunday, I walked into church, so smug with my perfect baby sound asleep in his carrier.  Did I sit on the back row against the wall with all the other new moms and babies?  Oh no, I plopped down front and center.  My baby's perfect and sleeps through the service each week.  No need for me to be in the back. ;)  B was singing and playing this week so he was up on the stage.  As soon as the music was over and the preacher started his sermon, George's eyes shot open.  He started squirming, and I figured I should get him out of the carrier before he had the chance to tell me he wanted out (i.e. screaming crying).  So luckily I got him out with no tears or commotion and held him as the sermon progressed.  Still smugly thinking, oh my perfect baby, now I'll just hold him and rock him back to sleep all the while enjoying this sermon and not disturbing the worship experience for anyone else.  Wrong.  Just as soon as I stopped worrying about him crying, he let out another (far worse) disruption.  The child 'squirted' (forgive me if this post is TMI), rather 'erupted' so loudly the entire row in front of us shot around to see what could have possibly produced such a heinous noise.  I immediately got up and got him out of there knowing this was just the beginning and there was much more to come.  As soon as I got to the bathroom and waited for George to continue his morning business, I realized I had to go to the bathroom.  I had not yet found myself in this situation.  Usually I would just have B hold him when I went to the restroom.  So, rather than hold it and wait until after the service (I had a lot to drink that morning!), I made a decision that I know some of you reading will cringe and judge me.  I put my baby on the bathroom floor.  Don't worry, I laid out his changing pad, but he was definitely on the floor, in the stall with me.  And naturally someone walks in.  And of course, George started crying as soon as they entered the bathroom.  So, yes, I'm the mom who should have left my baby in the nursery or at least stayed on the back wall so his explosive diarrhea would not have interrupted the entire church service and is now realizing the germs on the bathroom floor my baby is laying on are probably far worse than the few he would have picked up from the cute, well-attended kids in the nursery.  Oh well.  After the service (I had to go back in and get the carrier), the cute dad in front of me says, "How'd that diaper turn out?  It sounded like a good one!"I think it goes without saying, but George will be in the nursery next time.

Hanging with the Fam

I have not lived in Dallas since I was 18 years old.  Even though I miss them, living away from family is something I have just become used to over the years.  However now having a little one, being so far away is hard.  I hate that our families don't get to see the little man as often, but we have been so fortunate to have lots of visitors.  My parents and brother came to visit the little guy recently.  So funny how things change with a baby (cliche, I know). When my family comes in town I usually plan out fun things for us to do around Nashville, make reservations at nice restaurants and know lots of shopping will take place.  This trip, we really didn't leave the house that much because we were all too busy staring at and playing with George. We only ate out one night.  And yes, my mom and I managed to run out to shop for a few hours, but I ended up with nothing for me, just lots of new clothes for George.  Times they have a changed. :)

George and Poppa

Sweet sugar from Oma

Hanging with Uncle Josh

Love that hat!

I think he looks just like B here!

Such a fun weekend with the fam!  George is just counting down the days until he heads to Texas to meet the rest of them.

Look who's two months old!

Happy two month birthday, George!

Don't you love I'm posting this one week before his three month birthday?? ;)  Oh well!

What is George loving this month?  Talking!  Well, not really, but almost!  He loves to 'talk' to himself. :)  I often find him in his crib in the morning just cooing away, so content.  Nothing makes me happier.  He will look at you when you talk to him and mimic the way your mouth moves as if to almost come out and repeat what you are saying.  I swear he will really be talking soon.  I mean, have you met his parents? ;)

He also loves 'blue lines.'  His new nickname is blue-liner.  His trusty Pampers have a yellow line that turns blue when they are wet.  Let me just say no matter how often I change him he is in a constant state of blue.

Some things never change, and for George that is his love of music!  It warms my heart so to see his dad playing and singing for him and watching how receptive George is.  I just keep praying the little man gets his dad's musical ability.  

And last but certainly not least, the boy loves to be out and about socializing.  I am so thankful for his sweet, easy going temperament.  We take him everywhere!  He loves riding in the car and going places. It has been so nice to be able to accept invitations places knowing we can bring George and that he will be just happy as can be!

Looking forward to all that month three has in store...

Monday, March 5, 2012

On the road again...

My baby is road warrior!  He loves to be in the car and a long distance trip did not change that.  George survived his first road trip and was beyond a trooper!  We headed to Louisiana a couple of weeks ago to introduce George to B's side of the family.

We strapped the little man in and I'm proud to say we only had to stop once for him to eat!  I also got to change my first diaper in a public place.  Thank you Chick-fil-A of Athens, Alabama. 

We decided to break up the trip a bit and stop and see our best friends, Beth and Justin, in Jackson, MS.
George loved meeting them!
Especially playing with his new bud, Maddox.

Is Maddox not the cutest?  I might be partial since he is our Godson. ;)

We made it to Louisiana the next day and there were plenty of people waiting to meet this little guy.
B's grandmother, Momee, meeting George.  Our little man is named after her late husband, B's grandfather, and late son, B's dad.

George also got to meet my great aunt and uncle!

Playtime with MeMo and Pappy!

Our nephew Ben calls George, "Little Uncle Bryan."  Cracks me up!

Sweet sugar from the aunts. :)

George loves his MeMo!

I was so nervous about George being off his schedule and worried he would not sleep.  Wrong!  This child LOVED his pack and play.  He slept better there than he does here!  All three nights we were there he slept at least seven hours.  I had to wake him up one morning so we could go to church.  He was such a rock star this trip!

The Bolton boys!

Love my boys. :)

Such a fun trip seeing family and introducing them all to George!