Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Friday!

Well folks we made it through another week.  I literally just spent this week counting down the days to our vacation.  You would think we are going to Bora Bora {yes, RHOC Tamra Barney reference!} with as excited as I am.  I think I’m just so in need of a vacation I could literally be spending a week at a Motel 6 in the middle of nowhere, and I’d be happy {well, not really, but you know what I mean}. 

This weekend I will be busy getting ready to head out of town. Hoping to make some yummy fun snacks for the lake.  May have to test this out…

B is training for a triathlon, so I have to appease him with something healthy...

But for me for dessert…
Yes please! These would definitely go over well with my family.
Or these too...

Sadly if I eat to many of these I won’t fit into my new neon jean leggings. :)

Yes, I jumped on the neon bandwagon {I got neon orange and aqua glaze.} I’m just loving all the bright colors for summer! And hello, please welcome the Gap back into my wardrobe. I cannot tell you the last time I bought something from the Gap {I’m such an Anthro girl} but went in last night and not only picked up my neon leggings but two dresses! I had not been in there in forever and was so pleasantly surprised. Picked up this bad boy and am wearing it today.

However I just realized this is the fourth day this week I’ve worn something this shade of green. Maybe I should have gone with the one in navy.  Oh well!  Here's looking forward to some shopping, baking and resting this weekend.  Hope you enjoy yours!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Show them some love!

Do you have those friends that you just love to hate? ;)  You know those oh so talented, seem to have it all together all while making it look effortless types? I certainly do!  Two of my oh so fabulous friends have both {successfully} started their own businesses but now need your help.  Take a few minutes and check them out:

And then vote for them in the Mission Small Business contest so they can potentially win a $250,000 grant! It’s so easy. Just go here and search for Courtney Callahan Paper and Glossed & Found. I know they would certainly appreciate the support!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Scenes from the weekend...

Is it really Monday? Already? I’ve noticed I start to get a little cranky around 7ish on Sunday nights {B can attest to this}.  I think it’s my defense mechanism against Monday morning.  I’m just so bummed the weekend goes by so fast.  Cliché, I know.  I need to live in the moment and appreciate another wonderful weekend.  And that it was.  B’s mom {MeMo} was here, and we had a ball just lounging and taking in our little man.  His new walker arrived and certainly provided the entertainment for the weekend.  The boy is so fast.  We just laughed and laughed watching him ride around {with the momentary pause for a jam session}.  MeMo babysat {didn’t have to twist her arm!} so B and I could have a date night.  Martinis, sushi and great conversation {we love playing that game where you spot people and guess their story.  oh did we laugh!} allowed us to certainly enjoy ourselves.  Sunday spent the day poolside and loved watching my little bubba splish splash.  He is such a water baby.  Now just counting down the days to the lake! 


Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Lake is Calling My Name!

Hello!  What a week it has been.  A sick nanny, sick mommy and snotty baby {his nose, not attitude} make for what feels like the longest week ever.  My mother-in-law gets in tonight and am so looking forward to seeing her but really just so excited for an extra set of hands.  This exhausting week has me counting down the days to the Fourth.  We are heading to the lake with both sides of the family and cannot wait to lounge on the pier, soak in the rays and sip on some prosecco {with cucumber and mint of course!}.

This will be the little man’s first trip to the lake, and I am so excited to get him in his swim duds.  My go-to shop for all things baby, Tweed {aka Anthropologie for baby} carries this great brand I’ve heard more and more moms raving about.  Apparently i play is the best for sun protection.  And the offerings are absolutely adorable.  Picked up this little ensemble the other day.

Now if I can just find a new suit for mom. L I was eying this to-die-for Marc Jacobs suit at Anthro...

and was thrilled when it got marked down from $218 {we joked I’d wear it to work, the grocery store, etc. to make it worth the price tag} to $79.95 but alas did not pull the trigger fast enough and it sold out. Oh well, I’ll continue my search!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Scenes from the weekend...

Another amazing weekend.  Let me tell you among many amazing aspects of parenthood, one of my favorites is our intentional effort to spend time together as a family.  Usually our summers are spent with every weekend out of town visiting family and friends or traveling to new spots.  It seems this summer we are just so content to spend time at home with our little man.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

Kicked off the weekend with a date night {G in tow too} at our new favorite restaurant, Table 3.  Nashville folks, have you been?  If not, go now.  B and I went as our last night out just days before G was born and had the best time.  I love that we have been going back ever since with our little guy.  The food is super yummy, and the patio was perfect for this early evening date.  Let me tell you why not only I love this place but also love Nashville so much.  A lovely couple was seated next to us and immediately chuckled that just months ago they too had sat at the exact same table with their little one in the same spot as G.  We immediately struck up a conversation and learned their ten month old was home with a sitter but shared all the joys of parenthood, as well as the name game of who do you know, where did you go to school, etc.  Nashville really is such a small town.  Sadly a rainstorm blew in which meant we quickly ran in and took cover in the attached market.  I then was forced {completely on my own} to purchase some scrumptious sweets to take home {iced brown butter cookies are to die for}.  The valet brought the car up as we dodged through the rain, got home and put the boy down to then enjoy cookies and wine while listening to the rain {does not get better than that}.

Saturday we ventured out to the Porter Flea Market {along with everyone else in Nashville}.  I have never seen so many people and so many strollers.  We were famished when we got there and torn between the delicious offerings of some of Nashville's best food trucks.  Settled on Yayo's O.M.G and was definitely a good choice.  Oh my goodness, the shrimp tacos were amazing.  Sorry no pic, but I couldn't snap quick enough before inhaling them.  Our time in the market was short lived as it proved quite difficult to maneuver G through all while trying to shop.  B was a trooper and took G off to the side so I could make some purchases.  So wish I would have had more time {and space} but managed to snag some painted milk glass vases and some adorable handmade rattles.  Couldn't leave the market without sampling some Jeni's.  It's definitely a tie between salted caramel and cherry goat cheese for my favorite.  Yum!  Our little one was so worn out after the outing but managed to rally for a pre-Father's Day night of grilling.  Got to love summer nights on the patio.  Grilling, fresh snacks, baby in nothing but his dipe and my new favorite drink.  Cupcake prosecco, mint leaves and cucumber slices.  So refreshing.  Got the idea from this fabulous gal.  A perfect evening.

Celebrated Father's Day with church that morning {G's first nursery experience as B was playing and I was teaching Sunday school} and Mexican for lunch.  Sad I was not with my own dad on the day of dads but could not have asked for a better time than that spent with my two guys.  I am just so in love with them both and thoroughly enjoyed honoring B on his first Father's Day.  He is a remarkable dad, and I look forward to all that he will teach and share with G.

Finished up the weekend with G's first night of real food.  Started things off with peas and thankfully he enjoyed them way more than oatmeal or rice cereal {he is certainly his father's son as he was eying his dad's turkey burger the whole time}.  Next up, carrots.  Put the boy to bed and enjoyed some True Blood {thoughts on this new crazy season?} before we lay our heads down as well, so thankful for another restful, fun weekend. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Here's to you, Dad!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

I am so thankful for my own father who raised me to be the strong woman I am today.  

My dad has taught me so many lessons {and continues to do so}.  From his wise words, "You can make your own choices, but you can't pick your consequences" to "As long as you do your best, that's what matters most," he also taught me a love for the Lord and the importance of faith as well as the love of baseball. :)  I love my dad and pray I can bestow some of the wisdom he taught me on G.

Thankfully I have my incredible partner to help with that.  I never imagined I could love B more, but watching him grow into the incredible dad he is, my heart just swells.  My face just lights up thinking about the remarkable relationship I know he and G will have.  That little man already looks up to his dad so much.  I am so blessed to have this man raising my beautiful son. 

Cheers to the dads!

Look who's six months old!

Happy six month birthday, George!

Is my baby really six months old? If the next six months go by as fast as these six months, he will be a year old by the time I blink.  Seriously.  How is time moving this quickly?

What is G loving this month?

More firsts!

He got sick for the first time. :(  A case of hand, foot and mouth {which apparently is going around Green Hills!} kept this little man down.  Thanks to our first weekend visit to the pediatrician {whom we adore!} he survived!

He also said his first word...Bubba.  Is that redneck? ;)  I call him my little bubba, and I guess he caught on.  He is learning different sounds like whah...buh...dah...I think da-da is in his near future.

He is loving grabbing...everything.  He is all about feeling different textures and is so good at picking things {everything!} up and passing them from hand to hand.

He is loving learning to move.  He rolls over but is not yet on the move.  He still loves to stay stationary. :)

I can honestly say month six has been my favorite.  He is just so much fun, and I love watching his personality develop more and more with each day.  Here's looking forward to all that month seven has in store...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Fine Line

Yesterday was one of those days where I got home and just had to take a deep breath in and exhale out.  Yet simultaneously I was patting myself on the back.  Why?  Because I somehow managed to juggle it all while playing my many roles {super wife/mom/event coordinator/friend}.  I was feeling good that with the day beginning at 5am to help B pack for his LA trip {and keep my jealousy and envy to myself}, I managed to get myself ready for work and feed and dress the little man with time to spare to make my creamy salsa dip for our Mexican themed recipe club {the easiest, yet tastiest thing I make}.  That was until the texts came in saying the nanny was sick.  Thanks to my fellow super mom friend, we managed to figure out the schedule with the babies, and I headed into work for the morning and was then on baby duty that afternoon.  I was so pooped and therefore tempted to flake out {as I've been known to do} on the Chi Omega Alumnae event I had that afternoon followed by recipe club that evening, but I pushed on {with G in tow} and made it to both events.  Fortunately G just went along for the ride and had a ball {naturally the day I have two back to back events and would want B to hang with the little man, he's out of town}, but it got me thinking about a comment my aunt made to me when we were home for Easter.  She said {and I believe she meant it as a compliment}, "You just haven't missed a beat.  You had this baby and didn't miss a beat."  I believe she was referencing the fact that our lives have not changed that much {nowhere near as much as I expected} since our sweet boy's arrival.  Part of that is intentional on my end with me taking to heart another comment a dear friend {and fellow mom} shared during my pregnancy.  Said friend is the true definition of a fabulous super mom {thank you, Laura!} and I attribute her lovely children and what appears to me as effortless parenting to the mantra of "a baby enters your world but should not become your world."  I took that to heart when we were blessed with George, and I think we have proved it true.  We have been fortunate to keep up with our pace of life, but it got me thinking last night as I crawled {crashed} into my bed so thankful for a full, yet fun day that is it really such a good thing that I "haven't missed a beat" since having George.  I pride myself on striving to "do it all" but should that really be the goal?  Probably not.  There is such a fine line, and I want to make sure my priorities are in check and there is a solid sense of balance in our lives.  I don't want to look back on these early years with G and feel like I spread myself too thin.  I often say other than being B's wife, being G's mom is my greatest joy and the toughest yet best role I have ever been given.  I just pray that I can do it well.  The comforting peace for me is that regardless of the craziness that ensues each day, I get to wake up to this sweet face every morning and snuggle with this little angel each night.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Scenes from the weekend...

What a weekend.  I'm getting spoiled.  Another weekend in town with no visitors and no crazy plans other than relaxing and catching up with good friends.  Does it get any better than that?  Highlights included sleeping in Saturday morning {thank you George} and then breakfast in bed with my boys.  B hit up Bonnaroo so G and I took in a nice stroll followed by a cookout with friends.  Our BYO included milk and Sofia. :)  Got to love the mini cans.  Sunday taught my first Sunday School class.  Oh third grade boys are entertaining.  Made some great progress addressing G's announcements {yes, he will be six months on Sunday, and yes, I'm just now sending them out.  Oh how I love to procrastinate...} so check your mailbox soon. :)  Wrapped up the weekend with a bittersweet celebration wishing some dear friends well on their new journey.  We will certainly miss them! 


Ready for all that this week has ahead but counting down the days until the weekend {always, right?}. Any big plans? I'm still trying to figure out Father's Day...Maybe Pinterest will have some fun ideas. Happy Tuesday friends!