Sunday, June 17, 2012

Look who's six months old!

Happy six month birthday, George!

Is my baby really six months old? If the next six months go by as fast as these six months, he will be a year old by the time I blink.  Seriously.  How is time moving this quickly?

What is G loving this month?

More firsts!

He got sick for the first time. :(  A case of hand, foot and mouth {which apparently is going around Green Hills!} kept this little man down.  Thanks to our first weekend visit to the pediatrician {whom we adore!} he survived!

He also said his first word...Bubba.  Is that redneck? ;)  I call him my little bubba, and I guess he caught on.  He is learning different sounds like whah...buh...dah...I think da-da is in his near future.

He is loving grabbing...everything.  He is all about feeling different textures and is so good at picking things {everything!} up and passing them from hand to hand.

He is loving learning to move.  He rolls over but is not yet on the move.  He still loves to stay stationary. :)

I can honestly say month six has been my favorite.  He is just so much fun, and I love watching his personality develop more and more with each day.  Here's looking forward to all that month seven has in store...

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