Friday, September 30, 2011

Five incredible years

Happy anniversary to my wonderful, amazing husband!  I cannot believe we have been married for five years.  It seems like just yesterday we were dancing the night away under the Texas Hill Country stars.  I am so proud of all that we have accomplished in the last five years but giddy just thinking about this new journey we are about to begin together. :)

We celebrated tonight with dinner at Capitol Grille, and when B called to make the reservation he mentioned it was our anniversary.  They asked if he would like rose petals sprinkled across the table. ;)  He said thanks but no thanks (he knows me well that I would think it was cheesy!).  Yet when we arrived they showed us to our table, adorned with lots of rose petals.  It was like a scene out of the Bachelor, and in the moment we were both so amused, we loved it.

We had a fabulous meal, stuffing ourselves silly and reminiscing about the last five years and looking ahead at what is to come.  We capped off our dinner with the best brioche and sweet potato bread pudding.

We were so wanting to stay and spend the night at the Hermitage but considering B has a 7:30am tee time and I am headed to St. Louis bright and early, we opted to come back for a 'staycation babymoon' next month.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Waiting for Baby!

After a trip home to Nashville this weekend to see my sweet hubby and puppy dog, I am back in Dallas again.  It has been so nice to be home catching up with family and friends but also focusing on all things baby.  We have our first shower this weekend, and I am SO excited!  I cannot believe that in just three short months our new little one will be here.  Oh how life is about to change. ;)

And what better way to document all this change than with an adorable baby book.  I had been checking out baby books here and there but check out this one that my mom got us.  Hands down the cutest one I have ever seen!

LOVE Giggle!
The book comes in a sweet box with a pullout drawer for momentos.

Love all the fun illustrations!

Cannot wait to fill these pages with all the new memories we are about to create on this new journey. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gone baby gone!

Let me start off by saying I have never been one of those crazy people that gets up at the crack of dawn the day after Thanksgiving to shop all the deals.  I have also never been one to go after some sought out toy, electronic, clothing item, etc. that required waiting in a line.  All that to say, I naively thought my mom and I could show up right at 8:00 this morning when the Target opened and have prime picking of our favorite Missoni for Target items.  Wrong.

This was the scene at 8:07am.  

I should have known better when my friend Courtney texted at 6:55am that the website server was already down.  So we left our house at 7:58am and arrived to a full Target parking lot at 8:05am.  I told my mom to book it straight to bedding because I determined the main thing I wanted was this throw.

As we made our way in and first passed the office supplies section we quickly learned we were on an episode of Supermarket Sweep, and it was a matter of just grab what you can and put it in your cart.  Sadly, by the time we rounded the corner and approached bedding we found nothing but empty shelves.  My mom decided to leave me there and head to another location in hopes of obtaining the throw.  In the meantime (since there was no shopping to be done considering literally every Missoni item was off the shelves or racks and in another's cart) I stalked the few lucky patrons who had the throw in their carts hoping I could persuade them to give it to me.  No such luck.  Mom called at 8:16am to report the second location was just as picked over and had nothing but bare shelves.  Got a call about 8:20am from Courtney in Chicago who said they only put out two throws and some girl immediately snatched them both.  Court did manage to snag one of the fabulous totes.

Thanks to our Supermarket Sweep skills when we first entered I did manage to wind up with a little loot.

I guess the good news is, as the lovely manager of Target shared with us ladies while we waited to check out, 'It was an incident free morning.' :)  I was so worried heads were going to roll as each customer tried to run past the other with their overflowing carts.  

Oh, and if you missed your chance to partake in the madness, you can now find most of the collection available on Ebay for five and six times the original markup.  Oh yes, my throw is now going for $228!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Missoni Fever!

Is anyone else as excited as I am for the Missoni for Target launch tomorrow??

Knowing how fast this line will fly off shelves, don't you worry I've already got my plan of attack underway.  I'm in Dallas for work, so I plan on hitting up the two Tar-jays closest to my parents in the morning to see what I find and then maybe venturing to some other ones late afternoon.  Anyone know if they will start putting stuff out tonight? ;)

Obviously we don't know if it's a boy or a girl, but I am so getting this just in case. ;)

 I'm going to pass on getting the bike, but I think this is just too cool!
 Happy shopping!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Living for the Long Weekend!

Is the weekend really over??  We had the best weekend, and I am so sad it has come and gone.  I had been so looking forward to a long weekend with nothing to do (well, lots to do i.e. nursery!!!).  I just love long, lazy weekends with simple projects that you can put off all weekend until the very end (i.e. nursery!!!). A date night with the hubby, pancake breakfast, football with friends and a trip to Target along with lots of sleeping in and television watching, it was a perfect weekend.  Oh and did I mention our fun time at the National Folk Festival??  I am a sucker for a festival, market, street fair, etc.  I love them.  B not so much, but since SunTrust was a sponsor and had a music tent, he was more inclined to make an appearance. ;)

Jackpot! :)
Nothing like a healthy lunch of festival fixins.
Highlight of the day...Italian ice!

Not to worry as it was not all play, no work.  I am pleased to say that we did manage to get a lot done around the house, including the nursery.  I'm headed to Dallas on Friday where I'll get to pick up the chair and changing table.  Cannot wait!