Friday, November 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, friends! This was the first week in several that we were all healthy. Finally! So, here's what I'm loving this week.

1. Family pics 
We got our pictures back from our oh so talented friend and photographer, and we could not be more pleased.
I just love all the sweet and crazy moments she captured!
Will share more soon.

2. Thanksgiving
We are not traveling for Thanksgiving and will be enjoying Turkey Day just our little family of four.
I am so torn on what to do foodwise.
Debating whether or not to cook just for us or if we should indulge in the goodness of the buffet at Puckett's.
Anyone else enjoying a small holiday?
What are you cooking??

3. Christmas gifts for the boys
This is the first year George actually understands the concept of Santa Claus and is able to tell us what he wants for Christmas.
There is only one thing on his list though.
A really big drum set, as he says.
Am I crazy for getting him this??
Our house will never be quiet again.

4. Holiday dresses
I'm getting so excited for all the holiday parties and soirees coming up!
Thinking I need a new frock and loving this one!

5. Birthday celebration
Yesterday was the big 3-3 for me, and I shared this pic on Instagram last night.
It cracks me up because it is real life.
Jude literally scarfed down his cupcake in one bite before we could even snap the shot, and George was already asking for a bite of mine!
Life with these two keeps me feeling forever young!

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

3 Easy Soup Hacks

Oh how I love a good hearty soup on a cold day. But so many of said soup recipes call for plenty of chopping, pureeing and simmering, all of which I just don't have time for these days. So luckily I found three soups that satisfy my cravings and take less than five minutes to make. Enjoy!

Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup with
Corn, Cilantro and Feta

Pour soup into pot and add corn.
Let cook on stove over medium heat until bubbling hot.
Dish into bowls and top with feta and cilantro.

Butternut Squash Soup with
Honey Crisp Apple, Pumpkin Cornbread Croutons and Thyme
Pour soup into pot and add thyme.
Let cook on stove over medium heat until bubbling hot.
Dish into bowls and top with croutons and apples.

Tomato Soup with
Pesto, Mascarpone and Gnocchi
Cook gnocchi according to package.
Pour soup into pot.
Let cook on stove over low heat until simmering.
Add in a dollop of mascarpone and pesto and stir until blended.
Dish into bowls and spoon in cooked gnocchi.

And I have to say my honey beer bread is the perfect addition for any of these soups!
So what's your favorite soup recipe??

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things

Have you started your holiday shopping yet?? I'm a big believer in saving Thanksgiving and will not decorate for Christmas until after Turkey Day, but I'm all about some early holiday shopping. I love to shop for others and do believe 'tis better to give than to receive' but certainly have my eye on few things I'm hoping are under the tree for me come Christmas morning.

So what's on your wish list this year?

Scenes from the weekend...

This weekend was the best and just what I needed after eight days of house arrest with my sweet Baby Jude. He was finally on the mend, and I was headed to the lake for a much needed girls weekend. I am so thankful for B and his willingness to just give me the time to myself and spend time bonding time with his boys. Our girls weekend was all about food! We split up each meal into themes and everyone signed up to bring their favorite dishes. I cannot remember the last time I ate so well {or so much!}. There is something so refreshing about getting away, lounging in sweatpants and drinking wine by the fire with your girlfriends. We stuffed ourselves silly and laughed plenty! I made it home in time for some snuggles Sunday afternoon before heading out for my last hurrah of girls weekend. A dinner with friends at my new favorite restaurant. More good food, wine and laughs made for the perfect end to a girls weekend!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Learning To Say No

True confession: I am a people pleaser. I am a "yes" person. I am the one you want on your committee because I'll always agree to volunteer to do something. I am the friend you want to invite to the Stella and Dot/Rodan and Fields/Doterra party because I always feel like I have to buy something. I am the mom who cannot turn down a play date no matter how worn out the boys and I are. I just don't know how to say, "No." 

I don't know if it was my friend saying she was going to get me the "Stop me before I volunteer again" coffee mug for Christmas as I was frantically cleaning my house to host a junior league meeting the night after I hosted girls night or the fact I've been going so nonstop it finally caught up to me in the form of a viral infection but another friend's wise words have really been resonating with me. 

My friend shared this quote the other day in our Bible study, and it hit me. I realized the "something else" was my family. I am so busy pleasing everyone else and making time for others that B and my boys were getting my "less." Don't get me wrong, I am a firm believer that girls nights are good for the soul, and I want to be the friend/volunteer/etc people can count on. However as we are entering in this holiday season I want to make sure I don't blink and have missed sweet time with my family. Even if that means missing out on a park date with friends or chairing some committee because what will matter is that the people who mean the most to me are getting the most of me and from me. Now I need to go respond to an email letting them know I can't volunteer for that!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Love Me Some Sugar Bit

I don't know about other moms out there, but it seems like these days my kids dress better than I do. I shop for my little men way more than I shop for myself. So today I thought I'd share one of my favorite shops. I love me some Sugar Bit. From the amazing selection of brands {just announced they'll be carrying Kissy Kissy!}, fabulous deals {new Fall markdowns up to 40% off!} and the handwritten note you receive with each order {the absolute best customer service!}, Sugar Bit is my go-to shop for outfitting my boys and gifting the little ones of friends and family. This sampling does not even begin to do justice to all Sugar Bit has to offer, but here are a few of my favorites right now. I mean can you even handle that Christmas dress?? It may be a blessing in disguise I don't have girls. I'd be broke! Be sure and follow Sugar Bit on Instagram to get all the latest on sales and promotions. Oh and you just might see two of their cutest brand reps, George and Jude!

Scenes from the weekend...

Careful what you wish for. We have been going nonstop for the last couple of months now. I've found myself often saying, "Oh I just wish I had a whole weekend at home with nothing to do so I could finally catch my breath." Well, I got my wish this weekend. Just not how I would have planned. This weekend was supposed to be the best. Two of my oldest friends from Dallas were coming in for a girls weekend. I spent all week getting ready and making plans. I was so looking forward to plenty of catching up, eating, drinking and laughing with these two. Sadly Thursday night Jude had other plans. My poor little man came down with the worst and most pitiful case of Croup. As much as I hated to do it, we had to cancel girls weekend. And boy am I glad we did because it was not exactly a glamorous weekend at our house. Our little man was down for the count the whole time, but thankfully since we were forced to stay inside, it ended up being the much needed weekend of rest I was longing for. Staying in pjs {the whole weekend!}, ordering takeout, playing as a family and oh, baby snuggles from my littlest man. Here's hoping for health and a fresh start to a new week!