Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Scenes from our Easter weekend...

What an Easter weekend! We spent one night in the ER and had a power outage on Sunday. Despite all that craziness it still managed to be a fantastic weekend with our little family. I'll fill you all in on the details of our ER visit for Amos in another post but luckily he is doing just fine!

So despite being exhausted Saturday morning after getting home from the hospital at 3:00, we managed to rally and make it to the egg hunt at church. My boys were much more interested in riding horses than hunting eggs! They had a ball and the weather could not have been more perfect. Decided to dine al fresco with some burritos afterward. Dining out with our circus is always entertaining so I'm thankful when we can do it outside. Needless to say long naps were in all our plans that afternoon! Takeout, DVR and wine were just what the doctor ordered for this tired mama that night. 

Unfortunately I was too whipped to play Easter bunny that night but managed to get up in time before my crew to set out all the goodies. I'm such a sucker for holiday fun! We raced to get everyone dressed and ready for church despite the copious amounts of sugar already consumed prior to 9:00am. Made it to church in time for the worship and was in awe of the music and worship experience. Easter is my favorite holiday I think because I am overwhelmed by the resurrection and love displayed by our Savior. Such a powerful message and thankful we were able to experience it with some of our best friends.

Afterward we headed to my friend's gracious mother's home for a brunch and egg hunt. She was so sweet to hide nearly one hundred eggs for my three boys and my friends' three girls. The kids had a blast and we were able to sit on the porch, sip mimosas and savor their excitement. I was feeling on cloud nine when we left, so thankful for such a wonderful morning, but arrived home to discover we were without power. Fast forward several hours, no naps and drive-thru dinner at Sonic, the power came back on just as we were getting ready to make candlelit Peeps s'mores! B and I decided to put our jelly bean monsters to bed instead and settled in for some more wine and DVR just the two of us. It may have been crazy, scary and hectic at times, but it really was my favorite weekend. Here's hoping your Easter was special as well! 


  1. Beautiful pics! The peeps s'mores are such a good idea! Glad to hear all is well with A!

  2. What a fun Easter!! Love your outfits and so glad Amos is okay!

  3. I love the elegant simplicity of your dress matched with that lovely necklace! What a beautiful family and a great Easter Weekend!