Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Scenes from the weekend...

My sweet sister-in-law has motivated me to blog again. She has made photo books for each boy when they turned one year old and jokingly texted me the other day that it was getting time to work on Amos' book. She asked if she should just get the pics off my blog like she did for George and Jude or if I wanted to created a Dropbox file. I laughed and said we should go ahead with the Dropbox because if she simply used photos of Amos from my blog his book would only be one page. Poor buddy! Where have the last nine months gone??

So here I was all set out Monday morning to blog our lovely little family weekend and then tantrums and a trip to Target took over and now it's Tuesday night and two glasses of wine later I'm finally sharing our scenes from the weekend. Mainly out of guilt to my poor forgotten third child. I will be better at blogging. I will be better at blogging. We shall see...

Our weekend though, was perfect. A much needed family weekend. Complete with the craziness of running around town from kid birthday party to sip and see to another kid birthday party. Luckily we all managed to make it to the party at Home Depot which side note moms, is free for birthday parties. That's right, free! They give you a room complete with balloons, aprons for each kid {with their names on them!} and a wooden tool box for each kid to build and paint. Kids make a mess and you don't have to pick it up. Of course my cute friend provided darling buckets, a pinata, pizza and enough cupcakes, candy and juice boxes to sugar up any toddler. Note to self, all future parties will be at Home Depot. Afterward it was home for attempted naps followed by playing outside with the spoils of multiple treat bags. Bubbles are always a hit! Let's just say B and I were certainly thankful we got a sitter for 5:30 that afternoon. Drinks and dinner just the two of us at our favorite spot followed by a fabulous birthday party for a client friend resulted in staying out way too late but having plenty of fun.

The next morning was all about biscuit breakfast with our bubs, church and lunch out. Thankfully everyone napped and we spent the afternoon playing outside and running much needed errands. A busy week as family gets in Thursday for Amos' baptism. Looking forward to celebrating such a special occasion for our little man.

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  1. Isn't it crazy how quickly the months seem to pass by recently?! What a fun weekend! Xo, Stephanie