Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Scenes from our Easter weekend...

What an Easter weekend! We spent one night in the ER and had a power outage on Sunday. Despite all that craziness it still managed to be a fantastic weekend with our little family. I'll fill you all in on the details of our ER visit for Amos in another post but luckily he is doing just fine!

So despite being exhausted Saturday morning after getting home from the hospital at 3:00, we managed to rally and make it to the egg hunt at church. My boys were much more interested in riding horses than hunting eggs! They had a ball and the weather could not have been more perfect. Decided to dine al fresco with some burritos afterward. Dining out with our circus is always entertaining so I'm thankful when we can do it outside. Needless to say long naps were in all our plans that afternoon! Takeout, DVR and wine were just what the doctor ordered for this tired mama that night. 

Unfortunately I was too whipped to play Easter bunny that night but managed to get up in time before my crew to set out all the goodies. I'm such a sucker for holiday fun! We raced to get everyone dressed and ready for church despite the copious amounts of sugar already consumed prior to 9:00am. Made it to church in time for the worship and was in awe of the music and worship experience. Easter is my favorite holiday I think because I am overwhelmed by the resurrection and love displayed by our Savior. Such a powerful message and thankful we were able to experience it with some of our best friends.

Afterward we headed to my friend's gracious mother's home for a brunch and egg hunt. She was so sweet to hide nearly one hundred eggs for my three boys and my friends' three girls. The kids had a blast and we were able to sit on the porch, sip mimosas and savor their excitement. I was feeling on cloud nine when we left, so thankful for such a wonderful morning, but arrived home to discover we were without power. Fast forward several hours, no naps and drive-thru dinner at Sonic, the power came back on just as we were getting ready to make candlelit Peeps s'mores! B and I decided to put our jelly bean monsters to bed instead and settled in for some more wine and DVR just the two of us. It may have been crazy, scary and hectic at times, but it really was my favorite weekend. Here's hoping your Easter was special as well! 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Five on Friday

{ONE} Mimosas --  I love a mimosa and love a mimosa bar even more! These frozen juice cubes are such a fun twist on the classic mimosa and would be the perfect addition to your Easter brunch.

{TWO} Easter Dress -- And speaking of Easter festivities, do you know what you're wearing?? I hit up Nordstrom last week to find a new dress for Amos' baptism, and there were so many choices! I ended up with this one and love that it can be dressed up and down so many different ways with jewelry and shoes. Since I didn't get to wear it last week, I think I'll sport it Sunday!

{THREE} Peeps S'mores --  I love me some s'mores and my boys are obsessed with Peeps! Thinking we will definitely be making some Peeps s'mores Sunday night!

{FOUR} Sugar Bit Sale -- I love a good sale and this is one you do not want to miss! Sugar Bit has been killing it {and my wallet!} with their Spring goodies lately and today is your chance to stock up.

{FIVE} My Bubs --  I snapped this the other night while bathing the boys {and praying Amos didn't drown!} and cannot help but smile each time I see it. These boys are busy and crazy all too often, but they are so sweet and really do love each other. I love the way they already all play together and look forward to all their crazy adventures ahead!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Welcome Back to the Land of the Living

There should have been a post Monday morning titled "Scenes from Amos' Baptism Weekend." There should have been a post filled with pics of my sweet boy dressed in white smiling as we all celebrated his special weekend. There should have been a post with words sharing the fun we had fellowshipping with friends and family that came in town. But sadly there was no post because there was no baptism. Despite the obscene amount of food, flowers and rented chairs, our special weekend celebrating my littlest man was cancelled in the midst of it when strep throat knocked me out. I kept trying to rally thinking I could make it by Sunday morning but there was no way. Never have I been so sick. Strep throat is no joke! I'd take child birth over the fever and pain I experienced the last few days. While the mom guilt set in {and was almost worse than the illness}, I was so thankful for the family that was here and my incredible husband. As moms we are not supposed to get sick and thankfully these amazing people let me rest and recover all while taking care of my kiddos. After some drugs, shots, hot tea and plenty of sleep, I rejoined the land of the living yesterday and feel like a whole new person. Even made a trip to Target with the bubs so we are officially back to normal around here. Luckily I did manage to snap a few shots of some of our outdoor fun before the dreaded strep took over!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Lucky in Love

I consider myself the luckiest lady to have the love of all four of my boys {B included} but these days my littlest man is my good luck charm. On this day of luck I must share 17 reasons why I love my sweet Amos!

1. His chunky, squishy legs. Complete with rolls for days.
2. The way he raises his eyebrows and bats his eyes as if to say, "Oh hey there." Such a flirt!
3. His giggles and laughter. There is no sweeter sound.
4. His dimples filled with sugar.
5. Those baby blues!
6. His fuzzy blond hair that sticks straight up.
7. The way he rolls to get around instead of crawling.
8. His fantastic sleep schedule! He knows mama needs some rest.
9. As much as it kills me because still no "mama" the way he says "Dada! Dada!" And loves his Dada so!
10. The way he sleeps with his hands above his head just like his brothers did when they were this age.
11. His unbelievably laid back, go with the flow attitude.
12. His irresistibly sweet nature and spirit.
13. The raspberries he incessantly blows and the way it tickles him so.
14. How he pats me on the back each time I pick him up as if saying, "Good job, Mama!"
15. His love of eating! Little man doesn't miss many meals.
16. The way he looks up to his big brothers.
17. That he loves his mama and snuggles with me!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Scenes from the weekend...

My sweet sister-in-law has motivated me to blog again. She has made photo books for each boy when they turned one year old and jokingly texted me the other day that it was getting time to work on Amos' book. She asked if she should just get the pics off my blog like she did for George and Jude or if I wanted to created a Dropbox file. I laughed and said we should go ahead with the Dropbox because if she simply used photos of Amos from my blog his book would only be one page. Poor buddy! Where have the last nine months gone??

So here I was all set out Monday morning to blog our lovely little family weekend and then tantrums and a trip to Target took over and now it's Tuesday night and two glasses of wine later I'm finally sharing our scenes from the weekend. Mainly out of guilt to my poor forgotten third child. I will be better at blogging. I will be better at blogging. We shall see...

Our weekend though, was perfect. A much needed family weekend. Complete with the craziness of running around town from kid birthday party to sip and see to another kid birthday party. Luckily we all managed to make it to the party at Home Depot which side note moms, is free for birthday parties. That's right, free! They give you a room complete with balloons, aprons for each kid {with their names on them!} and a wooden tool box for each kid to build and paint. Kids make a mess and you don't have to pick it up. Of course my cute friend provided darling buckets, a pinata, pizza and enough cupcakes, candy and juice boxes to sugar up any toddler. Note to self, all future parties will be at Home Depot. Afterward it was home for attempted naps followed by playing outside with the spoils of multiple treat bags. Bubbles are always a hit! Let's just say B and I were certainly thankful we got a sitter for 5:30 that afternoon. Drinks and dinner just the two of us at our favorite spot followed by a fabulous birthday party for a client friend resulted in staying out way too late but having plenty of fun.

The next morning was all about biscuit breakfast with our bubs, church and lunch out. Thankfully everyone napped and we spent the afternoon playing outside and running much needed errands. A busy week as family gets in Thursday for Amos' baptism. Looking forward to celebrating such a special occasion for our little man.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Five on Friday

{ONE} Cravings -- Has anyone tried any of the recipes from Chrissy Teigen's new cookbook?? I just ordered it and cannot wait to get cooking!

{TWO} Sugar Bit Spring -- Our favorite shop for my little people is killing it with their spring goodies. I stocked up on all things bright and cheery and cannot wait for my little men to sport their new duds. See how we put together a fun look for Easter here!

{THREE} Flamingo love -- And speaking of fun and cheery, how darling is this flamingo snowglobe? Thinking my C+F desk needs this!

{FOUR} Ceremony + Fuss New Fuss -- Have you checked out all the new C+F fuss?? We have so many new fussboxes and this "Many Thanks" box is one of my favorites. Perfect gift for any occasion!

{FIVE} We Need You to be OK -- Shared this in an earlier post but had to put it here today because it's just that good. Mamas, how are you taking care of yourself?? It's okay to say you need a break. I did, and it was life changing. Whether you're a mama, a working woman, a daughter supporting her family, a friend caring for others, we all need to take more time for ourselves. So enjoy your weekend. Take a bath. Drink some wine. Take a nap. Go shopping. And enjoy the time with those around you. Happy Friday friends!