Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I've mentioned before I'm not very tech-savvy.  I feel like between my iPhone and MacBook, I don't take advantage of all the fine features, including simple ones like receiving pics as texts.  Yes, I still have not updated my phone. ;)  I will say B and I have had our fair share of entertainment from the Photo Booth feature on the MacBook, but when it comes to silly apps on my phone, I'm out of the loop.

My friend Ashley has this Mustache Me app that just cracks me up.  Check out some of our pics from Saturday night. :)


So, what are your favorite apps??

Monday, August 29, 2011

Gather Round the Table!

Happy Monday!  Did everyone have a nice weekend?  We sure did!  This was the first weekend since we moved that we were actually in town and without house guests. :)  I have loved our visitors this past month, but it was so nice to just relax.  We decided what better way then to fire up the grill and have some friends over!

Usually when we entertain I'm all about trying new recipes and pulling out all the stops, but considering the day before my feet were swollen three times their normal size, I decided to take things easy.  We would be hosting quite the laid back, causal gathering.  We're talking paper plates and Mason jars. :)  Decided to go with B's burgers, a yummy broccoli slaw salad complete with craisins, walnuts and apples, my favorite corn dip, caprese bites and cookies for dessert.  I actually tried these Nutella cookies I found on Pinterest.

They were delish!

Since I was not the only guest expecting :) I decided to whip up a fun mocktail.

This hit the spot! 
White grape juice, Fresca and Berry LaCroix with frozen red grapes...So refreshing!
 I am so thankful to live in Nashville and enjoy our fantastic weather.  What a joy to just bring everything outside on our little table, sit on the patio and eat, drink and fellowship.

Here's hoping your week is off to a wonderful start!

Friday, August 26, 2011

So you're telling me there's still a chance!

Ladies and gentleman, I have some very exciting news that has made my Friday! :)

Derek and Minka are splitsville!

Check out the article here.  So curious to know more details...I imagine it goes a little something like even though she is pretty, she is a terrible actress, clueless about baseball and he knows I'm out here waiting for him. :)  Sorry B!  I just hope my Der-Der is happy and can move past this to focus on the game!
Happy Friday everyone!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekend in iPhone Pics

What a fun weekend we had with my parents, and I was sad to see them go on Sunday.  Here's a little recap of our weekend courtesy of my phone. 

No trip to Nashville is complete for my dad without a stop at the Loveless Cafe.  I seriously think he dreams of the biscuits. :)

We were so excited (and hungry) when the food came out, it didn't occur to me to snap a pic until the damage was already done.  Although we certainly enjoyed the biscuits, Dad says that might of been his last time to the Loveless for a bit.  :)

Friday night was a real treat since our new favorite band, The Jompson Brothers, was playing at the Basement.  We had heard lead singer, Chris Stapleton, in Napa but were blown away to hear the whole band!

It was not all play this weekend, as Mom and Dad were so great helping us get the last few boxes and such unpacked and situated.  We spent the weekend shopping for nursery items, but alas did not make any of the big purchases.  We did find some fun little items like this sweet frame. 

I'm not in love with the frame itself, but I adore the wording.  Thinking I might recreate this...
Of course no nursery shopping trip would be complete without going to Tweed.  I am in love with this store and cannot wait to outfit Baby B in all things Tweed!

After a long day of shopping and golfing (for the boys), we grilled out and enjoyed a nice, cool evening on the patio.  I think my Texan parents were very jealous that we can actually sit outdoors in August. :)

All in all a fun, relaxing and productive weekend.  We still have so much to do with the nursery, but I am so excited to really get to work.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What's old is new

Well we had our very first house guests last weekend.  B's brother Caleb and my sister-in-law Amy visited.  We were frantically trying to get the house ready for them, and although there were still boxes in the garage and the nursery looks more like a junk drawer, we managed to offer a lovely retreat for them.

I have been trying so hard to not go crazy buying new things.  I feel like any time I move, I automatically feel like I have no furniture, no art, no decor and need all new stuff.  It's much like with clothes and the season changes.  Each year when it gets a little warmer or a little cooler and it's time to change out the wardrobe, I always find myself with nothing and wondering what in the world did I wear last year. 

So, I have been very patient and have not really bought much for the new place.  However, two purchases were made for our little kitchen nook that I am so loving.  Lately I have been all about some home decor blogs and am so envious of the talent of folks out there.  I so wish I was handy and crafty and could redo old furniture or turn an ugly side table into a hip bar cart.  So, I decided to get brave.

I had been looking for an old-school, vintage linoleum table for the kitchen.  Much like the one we have at the ranch, which my mother did not want to give me. ;)  So, I was ecstatic when I found an adorable yellow one on Craigslist for a whopping $35.  B and I went to pick it up and it was just what I wanted.  Now all I needed were some equally kitschy and cute chairs to go with my retro table.  I searched and searched but was not finding anything.  I knew I wanted red or teal and worried the red may look a little too cardinal and straw...definitely did not need a Chi-O kitchen. :)

So I checked out the Wish List hoping to score some fabulous finds and did I ever.

I found these old lounge chairs that were only $8 a piece!  They were in pretty bad shape but the sweet owner suggested simply spray painting them any color I wanted.

I did not realize you could simply spray paint vinyl for a whole new look.  I told you I was not crafty. ;)


So B and I headed to Home Depot and picked up some lovely teal spray paint, lagoon to be exact.

We wrapped up the base of the chair and got to work.


We were both shocked at how good they looked!  Like whole new chairs with just a few coats of spray paint.


Don't worry, preggers here let B do the spraying as I stood at a distance. :)

Once we let them dry, we put them in the kitchen to see how they went with the table.

They turned out just how I wanted!  I still have lots of work to do in the kitchen but am pleased with how my first little project turned out.  And considering all the money I saved, I have more to spend on other fun finds. :)  My parents get in town tonight, and I am SO looking forward to spending time with them.  Also, hoping I can put them to work and make a little headway on the nursery...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Nashville in Napa

Well we are back from Napa and oh do I wish we were still there.  We had the most amazing trip!  I thought there was no way it could top our trip from last year, but it was pretty incredible.  We were going for the event Nashville in Napa, which SunTrust sponsors.  I guess you could call this a 'work trip' for B.  My kind of work!  The best part of this trip was that everything was taken care of and planned for us.  I can tell you the Type A in me did not mind this at all!  It was so nice to just show up at the airport and go along for the ride. :) 

We arrived on Thursday and first stop straight out of the Oakland Airport...

Yum.  I was so thrilled to order a cheeseburger no meat and not have complete blank stares. :)

After we stuffed ourselves silly, it was off to Napa Valley.  We checked into the quaint Rancho Caymus Inn in Rutherford.  It was perfect!
I loved the Southwestern feel to it.

And loved the goodie bag!  Complete with some wine, which I cannot wait to open come January, and a fabulous leather guitar strap that B adored.

The first night we headed to a VIP kickoff dinner at the Baldacci Vineyards.  It was an intimate evening, very relaxed and a great way to start off the trip.
It was just the songwriters, ASCAP sponsors and SunTrust sponsors, so we really enjoyed getting to chat with everyone.  Folks enjoyed tasting the best that Baldacci had to offer, and then we were in for a fantastic meal.
Cuban spiced flank steak, summer succotash salad, roasted fingerling potatoes and grilled bread.  It was amazing.

The next morning we were off to do a wine tour.
And they got things started with some bubbly!
I LOVED our group!  I was a little hesitant at first thinking the all day wine tour might not be the most fun this pregnant, sober gal would have, but it truly was.
First stop was breakfast at the Soda Canyon Store.  Yum!
We then arrived at Aonair and were greeted by winemaker, Grant.  He was so fun!  Young, confident and ready to have a good time. :) 

The tasting room is actually an old horse barn, so Grant left some of the original memorabilia.

B and fellow SunTrusters, Cathy and Dina.
Grant treated the group to a tasting of his finest vino complete with some delicious snacks prepared by Chef Stephen.

B loved the duck and chutney crostini!

Ol' preggers here at least got to hold the glass and 'smell the nose.'  Fortunately we purchased several bottles that are now waiting for me at home. :)

Aside from the wine, I think these patron peppers were the highlight of the tasting.  They were unbelievable.
Craig Wiseman was definitely a fan! 
(He wrote Tim McGraw's Live Like You Were Dying among 18 other number one hits.)

We bid farewell to Grant and Aonair, and the next stop on the tour was Ancien Wines.

We were treated to a toast by our guide Curtis...

And then headed into the vineyard to check out the grapes.
It was perfect timing because veraison had just begun and the grapes were turning colors.

After our time at Ancien, we were all definitely ready for some sustenance.  Fortunately for us our fearless bus driver, Woody, had picked up In and Out.
Yes, this would be the second day in a row eating greasy, delicious In and Out.  Hey, we're on vacation!

He even got this vegetarian a meatless burger.  I love California!

Next stop was our last winery for the day, Gargiulo Vineyards, which is located next to Screaming Eagle Winery and Vineyards that offers $725 bottles of vino.  Yes, we brought back several of those. ;)
Gargiulo was stunningly beautiful and we certainly enjoyed the nibbles and sips our guide Sue provided.

Plus this Music City crew was definitely impressed with the owner's vintage and handmade guitar gallery.

Best bus driver ever...Woody!

I loved the light installations at Gargiulo!

One last pic and we were on our way...

After departing from our lively crew, B and I headed to my fave, Oakville Grocery.

We visited the sister store in Healdsburg last summer, but I was excited to stock up on some yummy treats at the original.

After our indulgent day, it was off to the welcome dinner and guitar pull at Elizabeth Spencer Winery.

Fellow SunTrust Client Advisor, Earle, and his cute wife, Mary Katherine

I was a happy camper because this BBQ dinner also had a vegetarian option complete with grilled artichoke, roasted broccoli and the most amazing salad I have ever had.  I seriously need to move to California.

After dinner we were truly in for a treat!  A guitar pull is basically all the songwriters sitting around picking and playing.  Unbelievable talent with this group!

Radney Foster (one of my all-time faves!), Chris Stapleton and Jon Randall kicked things off.  Radney is best known for Texas in 1880, Lonesome and Keith Urban's Raining on Sunday.  Chris used to be with the SteelDrivers and is now rocking it out with the Jompson Brothers.  JR's best known for Whiskey Lullaby by Allison Krauss.
The guys were then joined by the incomparable Brett James, best known for Carrie Underwood's big hits Jesus Take the Wheel and Cowboy Casanova.  B was like a kid in a candy store taking in all the songwriting genius. :)

The next morning B and I headed to Bouchon for carb-induced breakfast.

I wanted one of everything!

Ended up going with the monkey bread, pain au chocolat, ganache filled donut and a pistachio macaroon.  Absolute heaven!  Don't worry, we did not eat all of this in one sitting. :)

We then set out for an afternoon date in St. Helena.  I love the small town, main street feel to the place. 
We enjoyed some shopping for Napa Valley trinkets

B was tired from all the shopping. :)
So time for lunch!  We stopped at this lovely sidewalk Italian cafe.

Amazingly fresh bruschetta.  B was in heaven!

Lasagna and gnocchi...nothing like a light lunch. ;)

After our lovely afternoon date, it was time for the main event!
All the songwriters and sponsors
Guests enjoyed wine tastings from seven different vineyards.  The wines were paired with hits from each of the seven songwriters.  Guests could then bid on the handwritten lyrics accompanied by a bottle of the wine.
After appetizers and wine, it was time for the first set of music in the cave.
Kicking things off were the two adorable and extremely talented couples, Jessi Alexander and Jon Randall along with Morgane Hayes and Chris Stapleton.
Jessi is best known for her hit The Climb by Miley Cyrus, but she shared one of her new, not yet released songs as well.  She and JR are expecting twin boys, but she wrote Road to You when she was pregnant with their two year old daughter, Shilah.  There was not a dry eye in the house!

After a phenomenal hour of music it was time for more wine and food!
The farm to table, family style meal was prepared by the Google chefs.
They started with an amuse-bouche lobster, foie-gras and caviar roll.
The main meal included pork tenderloin, salmon, fingerling potatoes, roasted heirloom tomatoes and summer succotash.  The chefs shared that all food prepared came from within 90 miles.
After dinner the guys were in for a treat as they met Jim Dunlop of Dunlop picks and strings.  You have not met a musician who does not use Dunlop picks!  Mr. Dunlop gave the guys some goodies and they were in heaven.

Chocolate and bacon cupcakes for dessert

The night ended with the ridiculous talent of these three men.  I was seriously in awe and humbled by how amazing they are.
The silent auction and raffle winners were announced, and lots of money was raised for such a great cause, NOTES for EDUCATION.

And as if the evening could not get any better, afterwards we went back to the songwriters' house and set around the fire listening to stories (and a few dirty jokes!).  It was approaching 1:00am, and I looked at B saying I was ready to go.  However I saw that look in his eyes and he replied, 'Not a chance!' ;)  I guess it isn't every day you have the chance to sit around with these guys.

The next morning we were on the road headed to the airport at 8am.  We were so sad to leave Napa and the company of such fun new friends, but we are already planning our Napa in Nashville reunion! :)