Monday, August 29, 2011

Gather Round the Table!

Happy Monday!  Did everyone have a nice weekend?  We sure did!  This was the first weekend since we moved that we were actually in town and without house guests. :)  I have loved our visitors this past month, but it was so nice to just relax.  We decided what better way then to fire up the grill and have some friends over!

Usually when we entertain I'm all about trying new recipes and pulling out all the stops, but considering the day before my feet were swollen three times their normal size, I decided to take things easy.  We would be hosting quite the laid back, causal gathering.  We're talking paper plates and Mason jars. :)  Decided to go with B's burgers, a yummy broccoli slaw salad complete with craisins, walnuts and apples, my favorite corn dip, caprese bites and cookies for dessert.  I actually tried these Nutella cookies I found on Pinterest.

They were delish!

Since I was not the only guest expecting :) I decided to whip up a fun mocktail.

This hit the spot! 
White grape juice, Fresca and Berry LaCroix with frozen red grapes...So refreshing!
 I am so thankful to live in Nashville and enjoy our fantastic weather.  What a joy to just bring everything outside on our little table, sit on the patio and eat, drink and fellowship.

Here's hoping your week is off to a wonderful start!

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