Thursday, April 30, 2015

Personalized Gifts for Mother's Day

Can you believe Mother's Day is next week?? I'm getting the best gift of all in that I'll be spending Mother's Day weekend at the beach with my little men and B. But before we head out I made sure to send a little something to our moms. Not only are they the best mothers to B and me, but they are pretty incredible grandmothers to George and Jude. The only problem is they are so hard to shop for! I usually tend to go the personal route with them because both would probably say all they really want are pictures of the boys. So if your mom is anything like mine, here are a few personalized gifts that will really make her feel special this Mother's Day.

Personalized Gifts for Mother's Day

{ONE} Datevitation Coupon Book -- This is one of my favorite gifts! I did this for B's birthday one year, and he loved turning in the coupons. You can completely customize it for date coupons your mom would like. A spa day, a cooking class or anything she would enjoy. Plus, time spent together is usually the best gift of all!

{TWO} Personalized Necklace -- I love this necklace! This would be perfect for any mom. Engrave with all her kiddos and she can always have them close to her heart.

{THREE} Recipe Cards and Box -- I love this idea for the grandmothers. My grandmother has so many wonderful recipes she has passed down over the years. This is the perfect gift for the mother who loves to cook.

{FOUR} Mommy & Me Book -- I think this is just the sweetest gift for a new mom from her baby. What fun reading it with your little one.

{FIVE} Accordion Mini -- Another hit for the grandmothers! This is one I could see my mom or mother-in-law carrying around in their purse, showing off their grandkids to all their friends.

So what are you gifting your mother? Moms out there, what are you hoping to receive?

Monday, April 27, 2015

Scenes from the weekend...

What a weekend! Two words can basically sum it up. Food and fun. And plenty of both! My best friend from college and her husband came in Thursday afternoon and spent the weekend with us. Too much fun playing tourist in our own city showing them all that Nashville has to offer {with an emphasis on the culinary hot spots!}. We kicked the weekend off with a rooftop wine tasting at one of our favorite spots. It was a little chilly, but we didn't mind as we were so excited to catch up. I could not believe we had not seen them since their wedding almost a year ago.

Friday B had to work, but with the boys in tow we still managed to hit up some Music City favorites. A little hot chicken followed by some ice cream to cool off made for the perfect afternoon. I think the boys just loved having a new audience to entertain! We tucked the boys in that night and were thankful for another night with a babysitter. We started with dinner at Husk and enjoyed the tastiest of mocktails and the best vegetable plate I have ever tasted. A must if you are visiting Nashville. We saved room for dessert and headed to Sinema for more drinks and the "sugar board" which is definitely a pregnant girl's dream. Stayed out way too late but had the best time laughing and chatting.

Saturday we spent with the boys, and they were in heaven. Park time, picnic lunch and sno-cones make for the best kind of day. We headed home for them to nap and the adults caught up on the porch. Picked up takeout and enjoyed the laziest of evenings outside. The weather could not have been more perfect!

As if we had not eaten enough, we decided to finish off the weekend with one last meal. Brunch at Pinewood Social is my absolute favorite, but let me say brunch with kids is not my favorite. Jude was actually so sweet and chill, but George was way more interested in bowling than brunching. After a minor meltdown we consoled him with a biscuit and a little bocci ball, and he was happy as could be! We hugged our friends and bid farewell as they hit the road back to Chicago and we headed home for naps. I was pooped and crawled into bed immediately. Totally worth it for such a fun weekend!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Five on Friday

{ONE} Tutti Frutti -- I have totally jumped on the tutti frutti bandwagon! Aren't you just loving all the fruit themed goodies for Spring? I absolutely adore this roundup on Everyday Cuvee. Those pineapple ice trays? Too fun! I'll take one of everything!

{TWO} Picnic Top -- And speaking of fruit, how darling is this watermelon top?? I am obsessed! I picked it and a few others up at Anthro last weekend. Perfect for Spring!

{THREE} Jump and Splash Bounce House -- When it's warm, we live outside. Thankfully the boys are just content to play for hours on end in the backyard. Last summer we had a simple inflatable pool that they loved, but this summer I'm thinking we need something a little more entertaining. I've been looking for a splash bounce house and think it will be the perfect gift and entertainment for Jude's birthday. Anyone have any recommendations?? 

{FOUR} Outdoor Pillows -- While the boys are out playing, I'm perfectly content to sit back on the patio watching them. And in two short months, have a glass of prosecco in hand! Sadly our porch pillows took a beating over the winter so I stocked up on some new lovelies. How fun are these bright colors?

{FIVE} Words of Wisdom -- I stumbled across this quote the other day and found it so convicting. A great reminder for us all!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Anthro Maternity: All about the tops!

If there is one thing I have learned when it comes to being pregnant, it's you don't have to spend a lot on maternity clothes. Sure there are some basics you absolutely need {maternity pants!}, but I often find a lot of maternity clothes are overpriced and end up making me look bigger than I am {not a good thing!}. My solution is usually just to find some of my favorites and size up.

I was so happy to get the chance to go shopping with my mom during my time in Dallas. We hit up my favorite shop and go-to for pregnancy clothes, Anthropologie, and it did not disappoint. I always find myself searching the reviews and anytime a reviewer gives it a poor rating for looking big or maternity like, I bookmark it. 

As far as dressing the bump is concerned, I'm pretty set on pants, dresses and tees, but I was in desperate need of some fun summer tops.  I was thrilled to find so many! For all you pregnant ladies out there, I would highly recommend any of these tops. The best part is they will all look great post-pregnancy too as I'm working to shed all the added pounds.  

This is my absolute favorite top! I snagged it in all three of the prints above and had to keep myself from getting each print offered. It is so comfortable and so flattering. Plus the button down will be perfect for nursing! Even if you are not pregnant, I highly recommend this top. It is darling tucked in or even tied up. And how fun are those prints?? The banana is my favorite!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Miami + Dallas Trip

What a weekend! Usually when we travel sans kiddos I come back rested and refreshed. Sadly, we were so on the go, I needed yesterday just to catch up! Don't get me wrong, we certainly got caught up on some sleep and indulged in fantastic food and tasty mocktails, and there really is nothing better than lounging by the pool!

We spent the first part of our trip in Miami staying at the Fontainebleau Hotel. It was absolutely gorgeous! The pool scene was interesting and people watching was at its finest. Let's just say I was happy the bump and I had access to our floor's private pool. B and I felt like we had the place to ourselves! Sleeping in, room service, spa treatments and oceanfront dining made for the perfect retreat. Sadly our time in Miami was cut short as we headed to Dallas for the ACM awards.

This was technically a work trip for B but I was happy to tag along. B had to play in the Lifting Lives golf tournament Saturday, so I was fortunate to hook up with my mom for a wonderful girls day! My dad was out of town, and I hated missing him, but it was so nice for my mom and I to catch up, dine and of course, shop just the two of us! I bid farewell to my mom and met back up with B at our hotel. Sunday was another treat to sleep in and brunch late. Dallas has the best brunch spots! The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and primping for the big awards. We made it to the stadium with plenty of time to soak up all the VIP area had to offer including the best truffle mac and cheese and mini cupcakes. Who needs an open bar when you're eating for two! We settled in for the awards and our seats were fabulous. I'm not the biggest country music fan, but I do love me some old school country. I loved seeing George, Reba, Martina and Garth. The highlight was definitely shaking hands and thanking the military folks for their service as they walked by us during Garth's performance. Talk about emotional! 

After a late night bite, it was back to the hotel to hit the sack before our early flight home. We were definitely tired but so ready to see our little men! I love traveling just B and me. It is so good for the soul. But it always makes me miss George and Jude. I'm just going to try and remember that the next time a tantrum occurs!