Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Scenes from our Easter weekend...

What a weekend! We are driving back to Nashville now, and I am loving looking at all our pics from such a wonderful weekend. This was our last trip home to see family before Baby #3 arrives so we wanted to make the most of it. And that we did! We left bright and early Thursday morning and headed to Dallas. Made it in time for plenty of playing and laughing with Oma and Poppa before putting the little men to bed and enjoying a home cooked meal with my parents. Nothing better than my mom's cooking! We were up bright and early and back in the car again Friday morning headed to my grandfather's hometown of Muskogee, Oklahoma. My Papaw passed away in December, but my grandmother wanted to go to his favorite park in Muskogee to spread his ashes on his birthday. He would have been 88 on Friday and would have loved his birthday party. We enjoyed the loveliest of picnics, played at the park and then said our final goodbyes as we spread his ashes down the most beautiful of waterfalls. We all felt his presence, and it was such a special time.

Saturday morning was all about kicking off the Easter festivities. Bunny pancakes with Oma and a successful egg hunt made for the perfect day in the boys' eyes. B's mom, MeMo, joined us that afternoon to help celebrate my mom's 60th birthday. Her birthday was back in February, but we waited to celebrate this weekend since everyone would be in town. My dad hosted an intimate soiree with just family and a few close friends. The place was perfect, and I enjoyed adding a few touches to our private room to help my mom feel celebrated. The setting, the food and the conversations could not have been better. Plenty of toasts and even some happy tears made for the best night!

Sunday morning the rain poured down but that didn't take away from what a glorious day it was! The boys loved their Easter baskets and ate plenty of candy for breakfast. As cute as they were in their tie and bowtie, the sight of hands raised worshipping "He is risen! He is alive!" made me tear up at the true meaning of this holiday. After church we enjoyed the best brunch at my parents' house laughing, chatting and soaking up more family time.  We bid farewell to my family, loaded back in the car and headed to visit B's family.

B's brother and his family just built a new house and also welcomed their fourth little one, so we were thrilled to see the new digs and meet the little man. It made me smile to just sit back and watch George and Jude play with their cousins. They were in heaven! A house tour, bunk bed shenanigans and a Van Halen dance party made for a fun evening. As much as we wanted to stay we had to head on to B's mom's house in Louisiana. It was a late night, but I was so thankful to sleep in the next morning!

Monday was all about catching up with B's family. We rested, we played and of course ate plenty of good food! The boys loved showing off for their great-grandmothers, and B and I loved having extra hands to help with our wild ones. It is crazy to think the next time we are back we will have three kids with us!

We are a little weary and certainly tired after our whirlwind road trip adventure, but as I sit here in the car listening to the fourth episode of Bubble Guppies I can't help but smile and feel refreshed and thankful. Thankful for our incredible families and the time we enjoyed with them. We truly are blessed!


  1. Looks like y'all had an amazing Easter! The boys looked adorable in their Easter outfits!

  2. Wow you guys really made the rounds this Easter! I'm sure your grandpa was looking down on everyone at his favorite park and smiling. Happy birthday to your mom!!

  3. The holidays are always special but spending them with family makes them that much better! Your weekend looks like it was a ton of fun! Your pictures are the cutest! Xo, Stephanie