Thursday, December 20, 2012

Scrooged...not intentionally

So I have a confession.  I have completely let December fly by without doing most of my favorite things.   I cannot believe I am about to admit this, but we did not even put up our tree.  It pains me to even type that.  The problem started when I did not want any Christmas decorations up for G’s party {which was the first weekend in December} but had every intention to decorate the next day.  Well, I was so exhausted from party planning {and executing} that Christmas decorating was the last thing I wanted to do.  Then literally every night that first week of December we had something.  So that next weekend was our big weekend to decorate.  Eggnog was purchased, gingerbread men ready to eat and ornaments ready for hanging.  And then B got sick {and so it began…}.  I felt so guilty making him schlep all the decorations out and put up the tree all while feeling like death.  And then as luck would have it, the bug hit G {just in time for B’s work trip to Vegas…nothing like being a single mom with a sick kiddo}.  An ear infection, goopy eyes and antibiotics later, my little man was on the mend.  But oh wait for it, I got hit.  I swear I have been sick for a week.  I say all this {to vent, to complain, etc.} to somewhat justify why I am pouting over the fact we have no tree, we have not sent Christmas cards and I’ve missed just about every holiday party I so look forward to {not to mention I missed most of them last year too having G!}.  Oh well though.  I have pulled myself out of the December blues {disregard the previous writing!} and am reminding myself the true reason for the season.  We are headed out the door tonight to Louisiana and Texas for some sweet time with our fam and friends.
I will leave you with a few festive pics that have managed to make my December pretty special.
G's Christmas gift to us that he made at school.  I mean how precious is that?

Christmas shopping with my boys.  G got a little sidetracked and just wanted to play.

This is what I made for G's teachers at school
{not my pic...of course I forgot to take one}. 
So cute and so easy {just what I need these days!}.
Get the free printable here.
Christmas lights tour with our small group.  Such a fun new tradition!

And this just might be the highlight of my December.  Seeing my little man light up on Santa's lap.  I am so inspired by this sweet boy's innocence and love for life.
If I'm not back before then, Merry Christmas everyone!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Roll on by for some fun...

George is one!
 I guess it's time I finally post his party pics.  Be warned, it is picture overload!
 I so loved making each little thing for this party.  I am all about some DIY!
These pinwheels were so easy!  I used them all over.
The adorable invites were custom created by the talented Courtney Callahan.
The dessert bar
 Found this free printable sign here.  The stuff is amazing, and they are so generous.
The dessert bar included a homemade cake {courtesy of my fabulous mother!} with caramel filling, cake pops {courtesy of moi!}, salted caramel cupcakes, pecan tarlets, candy sticks and Twizzlers.  I am in love with how it turned out.

 For food I went with tortilla pinwheels, creamy salsa dip, marinated sandwiches, hummus, veggies and tomato tartlets. 
 How adorable are these mini wagons?

We did beer and water outside, but inside spiced cider with bubbly to add.
Can you believe my mom and I made this hat?  Again, courtesy of gaddie + tood.
 It's not a party for me without a favor. 
Of course I had to share the yummy Dulce Desserts cookies.
Adorable tags were another gaddie + tood steal as well.
We've been taking pics of G each month, and it was so fun to put them together for this banner.
 The beginning...
Cannot believe how much he has grown and changed.

The birthday boy welcomes his guests!
 For all the kiddos coming I made them their very own Radio Flyer licenses.  They were such a hit!
 Coloring station to keep the kiddos occupied.
 And of course favors for them!

G's adorable shirt was custom made by my talented friend Beth who launched Red Rover Kids.

Do you spy the book with G's face on it?  It is the most precious photo book made by my brother's adorable girlfriend, Alicia. 


G was not a fan of the hat.

Not too sure about all this...

Warming up to the idea of sugar...

He is now a fan of frosting.

One of the many highlights of the party was seeing this wagon filled with gifts for children less fortunate.  Our little man is so blessed, so we asked our friends to bring something for the kiddos at Preston Taylor Ministries.

The party was a huge success, and I was truly humbled by the outpouring of love from our family that traveled so far to be there and our community of friends here who came over to love on our little man.  Such an incredible celebration of the past year, which has truly been the most amazing journey of my life. 
Happy birthday, George!  You are so very loved by so very many.