Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'll let you in on a little secret...

Well we are back from our NYC adventure! We enjoyed the most amazing time, but sadly this mama has been too tired to even sort through pics. Why you ask?


George is going to be a big brother!  We are beyond thrilled and cannot wait to welcome Baby B #2 on August 5th. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Scenes from the weekend...

According to one of my favorite gals, a Spanish proverb reads, "How beautiful it is do nothing, and then rest afterward."  Well that pretty much sums up our weekend.  B was off at the duck camp, so G and I kicked off the weekend Friday afternoon with a yogurt date with some of his favorite ladies.  He and Lil got to say goodbye to their nanny who is heading off on an Italian adventure.  We will miss you, Mandy!  After several brain freezes {G was not a fan of fro-yo}, it was time to head home, clean up and get G back to Lil's for a slumber party.  Mama was heading out for a girls' night!  One of our besties was in town visiting so we headed out to try one of Nashville's newest restaurants, Silo, and it did not disappoint.  Good drinks, amazing food and even better company.  What more could you want {I don't remember the last time I've laughed so hard}.  Saturday morning G and I hosted the kiddos and mamas for a breakfast pj party and had a ball {my kind of party when you don't even have to get dressed!}.  Once nap time hit everyone said farewell, and I am happy to report that after everyone left, we did not leave the house.  G and I literally spent the rest of the weekend in our pjs, just lounging and napping.  It could not have been more glorious.



Thursday, January 10, 2013

Anyone tried this?

Anyone experienced Whimseybox?

It's very similar to Birchbox.  

You know the sample-loving, product junkie's dream come true {I got it for my mother-in-law for Christmas}.  I think it is a fabulous concept, but I am just not that into beauty samples.  

However when I saw this...

 I was intrigued.  I am all about some crafting and this looks right up my alley.  Each month you get a box complete with the all DIY necessities to make your own something special.  It's only $45 for a three month subscription, so I'm tempted just to try it.  Let me know your thoughts!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New York state of mind...

Exactly one week from today my feet will be touching down on that famous concrete jungle where dreams are made of, and I cannot wait.  It seems like just yesterday we were there.  Do you know how much I love NYC {I am now reminded of the book I read G each night, "Guess how much I love you?"}?  Well, I guess you could say a whole lot {or to the moon and back...again the children's book reference.}.  B and I will head out next week for a few days to ourselves in the Big Apple, and then Friday be joined by some of our Nashville besties.  I am so looking forward to shopping, eating and taking in all that glorious city has to offer.  I've got a few must-see, must-eat places on my list, but what are your favorite Manhattan spots?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Scenes from the weekend...

Happy Monday!  Can I say how nice it was to have a lazy weekend?  I don't about you, but I am still exhausted from the holidays.  Our weekend was spent cooking, lounging and playing with our little man.  Did manage to be somewhat productive and finally finished unpacking all of G's Christmas presents.  Finished with church on Sunday and a fix to my Chinese food craving.  Here's to getting through our first full week back.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Holiday in Pictures

Happy new year all!  We are back from our 12 day, four state, holiday road trip.  Our car packed down with luggage, gifts, a baby and a dog, believe me we were quite a sight {fortunately I shipped most of our gifts to our final destinations}.  We kicked off our holiday with what I hope will become a yearly tradition, the Polar Express in Palestine, TX.  What fun to have both our families there and to watch the kids eyes light up as we arrived to the North Pole.  Unfortunately when the big man made it on the train, G was not as enamored as he was weeks prior at the mall. 
G and I headed onto Dallas with Oma and Poppa and left B behind to spend some time with his brother {they attempted to hunt the largest deer known to man, but alas the unicorn remains}.  I so enjoyed my time at home.  Nothing like last minute shopping with my mom, pancakes and conversations at the breakfast table, holiday parties and traditions with such special friends and plenty of food to make it feel like Christmas.  B made it back Christmas Eve just in time for our annual Mexican lunch with friends {and lots of babes this year!}, candlelight service at church, opening of pajamas and reading of Twas the Night before Christmas {my favorite tradition}. The traditions continued Christmas morning with our cinnamon roll competition {I tied for second this year!}, stockings and opening of presents.  I have to say the highlight was my little guy.  What a joy to experience Christmas through that angel’s eyes.
Our Christmas dinner was postponed due to a crazy Texas white Christmas {who would of have thought?}, so the next night family braved the cold and came out for all the traditional holiday fixings {my mother is the best cook and ultimate hostess!}.  Sadly we had to pack up the night as we were headed on to our next stop in the morning.
We made it to Louisiana and so enjoyed catching up with family and friends we had not seen in so long.  Of course, plenty of food was enjoyed as well {no one will ever go hungry at MeMo’s!}.  I think the highlight of our Louisiana trip was the safari MeMo and Pappy took all the kids and grandkids to.  What a hoot piling all together in one car and having all the animals come up to the windows {and into the car!}.  I don’t think I have ever seen B and his family laugh that hard {that’s saying something because they love to laugh!}.  G was spoiled rotten with plenty more gifts {I don’t know how we managed to get everything back to Nashville.} and of course plenty of love.  What a joy to watch him play with his grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. 
New Year’s Eve we loaded up ready to head to Jackson, MS to spend the night with our best friends and Godson, but the winter bug was rearing its ugly head again, and my boys and I were ready to be home.  We managed to stop off for a fun lunch with the Rhodes and give our sweet Maddox plenty of love.  As sad as I was to miss out on a night of wine and games with them, I cannot tell you how good my own bed felt.  So much for a crazy NYE…was sound asleep at 10pm and was in absolute heaven.
Spent New Year’s Day in our pjs just lounging and unpacking and setting up all of G’s toys.  Pretty uneventful but just what we needed after our whirlwind trip.  The perfect way to start off 2013 if you ask me.  Here’s hoping your holiday season was just as special and that this new year is full of hope for all.