Monday, January 14, 2013

Scenes from the weekend...

According to one of my favorite gals, a Spanish proverb reads, "How beautiful it is do nothing, and then rest afterward."  Well that pretty much sums up our weekend.  B was off at the duck camp, so G and I kicked off the weekend Friday afternoon with a yogurt date with some of his favorite ladies.  He and Lil got to say goodbye to their nanny who is heading off on an Italian adventure.  We will miss you, Mandy!  After several brain freezes {G was not a fan of fro-yo}, it was time to head home, clean up and get G back to Lil's for a slumber party.  Mama was heading out for a girls' night!  One of our besties was in town visiting so we headed out to try one of Nashville's newest restaurants, Silo, and it did not disappoint.  Good drinks, amazing food and even better company.  What more could you want {I don't remember the last time I've laughed so hard}.  Saturday morning G and I hosted the kiddos and mamas for a breakfast pj party and had a ball {my kind of party when you don't even have to get dressed!}.  Once nap time hit everyone said farewell, and I am happy to report that after everyone left, we did not leave the house.  G and I literally spent the rest of the weekend in our pjs, just lounging and napping.  It could not have been more glorious.



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