Monday, April 23, 2012

Tour de Tejas

I am mortified at my lack of posting.  Forgive me.  I so had every intention to have individual posts on each and every adventure from our Texas travels.  Sadly, I have been beyond overwhelmed these last few weeks with our nanny search, second trip to Texas and return back to the working world.  More on each of those to come...
In the meantime, here is a look at our Tour de Tejas in pictures.

We arrived in Austin, and I am happy to report George-O was a top-notch flyer!  He slept the entire flight. :)  I think it was the aviator hat that did the trick.
 We stayed at Casa de Wallace and George loved playing with their little munchkins.  Are Mathews and Elizabeth not just the cutest?
Loved catching up with Todd, Laura and Amy.  Grilling steaks, drinking good wine and catching up until all hours of the night with amazing friends.  There is truly nothing better.

 Taking in the sights and sounds of South by Southwest.

This baby is just the best traveler.  He is so happy and easy-going.  For that I am oh so thankful.

Onto the ranch with a quick stop in Fredericksburg.
My favorite beer...

 and new favorite store.

Meeting his great, great Aunt June.  I love that so many of my older relatives are getting to meet George.   

 So thrilled my baby was able to go to the Ranch.  Such a special place, and I look forward to all the memories he will make there in the years to come.

The church where B and me were married. :)

 From the Ranch we headed to Dallas and George got to meet lots more family. :)
His great, great Aunt Marilyn and great grandmother, Mamaw stopped by.
Meeting his great grandpa, Papaw
Hanging with Uncle Mike
This picture makes me laugh.  My grandmother is an artist and growing up my brothers would always laugh about all the 'naked women' in her home.  We thought we'd pose G with one. :)

So happy I was able to surprise a dear friend on her 30th!

Fabulous friends
The birthday girl

Some lovely decorations I made via Pinterest inspiration.

All in all a wonderful trip home to introduce George to many friends and family.  Will post lots more on our return trip for Easter.  You have to see G's adorable Easter outfit!  Until next time...