Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New York, New York

Well what a weekend we had!  The move last week was starting to take its toll on me and by Friday I was done.  I felt terrible and completely worthless.  Fortunately my incredible mother-in-law arrived late that afternoon, Bubba Keg filled with Diet Coke in hand (she never leaves home without it!) along with her enthusiastic spirit (which we so needed), ready to work.  I am oh so thankful she came because sadly I think there would still be stuff in our old place.  We have just been so busy that it has become the never ending move.  So, thanks to my strong husband and resilient MIL, we are completely moved into our new place!  Yay!!! 

So, now that I have my computer back I finally have our NYC pics uploaded.  I love looking at these because I'm reminded of what a fun trip we had and laugh to think how much has happened in the short time we have been back.  Enjoy!

After our gluttonous meal at Carnegie Deli, we decided to walk it off and take in the sights.  First stop, Bryant Park.

Next stop, my old stomping ground!

St. Patrick's

And the highlight of the trip! :)

He's in disbelief that he caught a home run during batting practice!

So proud!

Even though I was bummed just the day before we arrived and only three hits shy of hitting 3000 my boyfriend DJ got hurt, I still managed to see him. ;)

Love me some garlic fries!

Didn't get his autograph this time, but good thing I already have it!


The Yankees killed the Rangers, so definitely a good time for us!

Times Square

Central Park

B was impressed to see there are ducks in NYC!

I was a little nervous Shake Shack would not happen for us considering when we arrived at 2:45pm (thinking we missed the lunch rush) the line was never ending and we were starving.

But 45 minutes later we got our food!


Totally worth it.

After we stuffed ourselves at Shake Shack we went back to the hotel to freshen up to meet Aunt Kim at 230 Fifth, a swanky rooftop bar B's friend told us about.

Aunt Kim and B thoroughly enjoyed their adult beverages as I sipped on my mocktail of choice, seltzer and cranberry with a splash of lime.  Then it was off to Raoul's for dinner!  B was worried he was still too stuffed from Shake Shack to partake in the famous Steak au Poivre, but considering it is what Raoul's is known for, he did not want to miss out.

Forgive the iPhone pic, but considering the tight quarters at Raoul's, I didn't want to whip out my enormous camera and start snapping away.

Next up was dessert at the new Locanda Verde in Tribeca.  Loved the atmosphere here and so want to go back for dinner next time.  We settled on the Chocolate Budino for dessert, and it did not disappoint. 

Coffee crème fraiche gelato, hot fudge and coffee granita...It doesn't get much better!
A fabulous date night in the city for sure!

The next morning we slept in and decided to hit up Peels for brunch at Aunt Kim's recommendation.  It was so cute and delicious!
B went with the shrimp and grits complete with a fried egg on top. 

He said it was the best thing he ate the whole trip.
I opted for a yummy fruit salad with honey and mint along with my carb indulgence of decadent pancakes with the best maple syrup I've ever had.

After some shopping in SoHo, we took a break at a quaint pub where I had a delicious virgin bloody mary.

After fighting off the crowds and rain at Ground Zero we tucked into a pizza joint for a slice of NYC pie.

Sadly my photography ends here as I was tired of lugging around my enormous camera.  We went that night though to the coolest music venue, Le Poisson Rouge.  Loved this place!  We heard the incredible Tea Leaf Green out of San Francisco.  Check them out!
Sadly the next morning it was time to head back to Nashville, but before we left Aunt Kim hosted us at her home with a lovely breakfast and shopping on the Upper East Side.
All in all a wonderful time in the Big Apple.  Cannot wait to go back!


  1. LOVED all of your pictures!And now, I am oficially hungry, and ready for lunch...

  2. Love all the pictures Rachie and love that you got to show B your town. Also, I spy those grey wedges from that super chic boutique. They have done you well :)