Thursday, March 17, 2016

Lucky in Love

I consider myself the luckiest lady to have the love of all four of my boys {B included} but these days my littlest man is my good luck charm. On this day of luck I must share 17 reasons why I love my sweet Amos!

1. His chunky, squishy legs. Complete with rolls for days.
2. The way he raises his eyebrows and bats his eyes as if to say, "Oh hey there." Such a flirt!
3. His giggles and laughter. There is no sweeter sound.
4. His dimples filled with sugar.
5. Those baby blues!
6. His fuzzy blond hair that sticks straight up.
7. The way he rolls to get around instead of crawling.
8. His fantastic sleep schedule! He knows mama needs some rest.
9. As much as it kills me because still no "mama" the way he says "Dada! Dada!" And loves his Dada so!
10. The way he sleeps with his hands above his head just like his brothers did when they were this age.
11. His unbelievably laid back, go with the flow attitude.
12. His irresistibly sweet nature and spirit.
13. The raspberries he incessantly blows and the way it tickles him so.
14. How he pats me on the back each time I pick him up as if saying, "Good job, Mama!"
15. His love of eating! Little man doesn't miss many meals.
16. The way he looks up to his big brothers.
17. That he loves his mama and snuggles with me!

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  1. Oh my goodness, such a sweetie! You are one amazing momma! Xo, Stephanie