Thursday, September 1, 2016

I hate August.

I hate August. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I do. If you have talked to me in the last thirty-one days you have heard me say this a time or two {or many more}. There is no school, there are no activities involving child care, therefore no break for mom. Summer's over but it's not, and we are over the heat. I looked at my planner the first week of August and wondered to myself how in the world we would make it through. I looked back at last year's August to see just what exactly we did to survive, and there it was. Babysitters. All day. Two days a week. Each week. So I immediately started calling on my go-to gals and every single one was booked {probably by a much wiser mom who knew to survive while she still could}. So I put on my big girl panties and told myself we could manage. We may have "managed," but I can tell you that with just a few hours left in this month I loathe so, my husband, my kids, and I are all counting down the minutes until September 1st. Because with September comes a return of routine, a return of normalcy, and a return of mom not constantly griping because she needs a break. Ha! Despite the weariness that came from these last few weeks, we did manage to have a little fun. Here's a quick recap of our August!

We kicked off the month with a couples trip to Barnsley Resort with friends. This was our first time visiting, and I am hoping we will be back soon. This place is AMAZING!!! The guys golfed, fished, and shot skeet while the girls lounged by the pool, enjoyed the spa and even took a nap. Nights were spent dining on some of the best food and listening to B serenade us with late night guitar singalongs. Two nights away was just what we needed, but we certainly missed our boys!

August also brought lots of travel for B which meant lots of one on one time with my little people. They certainly wear me down, but oh can they make me laugh and always keep me entertained. Luckily I was able to manage a girls staycation with friends at the Omni downtown. We were sipping cocktails poolside all day and then up all night for a girls slumber party. How I wish we could swing those once a month!

The highlight of August has to be George starting Junior Kindergarten. He has been counting down the days all summer and his first day did not disappoint. He absolutely loves school and his uniform {especially his belt!}, PE and lunch in the cafeteria are his favorites. The school provides the food and each day I naively hope that G is broadening his horizons and trying new healthy foods, but each day his report is the same when asked what he had for lunch. "Two jelly sandwiches." Oh how I love that kid.

I also cannot forget to mention the boys started soccer this month. Jude made the age cutoff by one week, so the Bolton bubs are on the same team. Highly entertaining! At the first game they passed out jerseys, and there was a bit of disappointment and frustration from Jude when he didn't get to wear the #8 shirt {8 is his favorite number and he is obsessed}. He also didn't understand that once the game started he had to leave his ball on the sidelines. I tried explaining they were only going to play with one ball but that didn't go over well. So Jude decided to just man the flag and climb trees for the rest of the game. He was a good sport and shook hands with the opposing team saying good game at the end, but I have no idea who won. G was a rockstar and hustled like never before! He scored one goal and was so aggressive! Both boys enjoyed Gatorade and then we headed to Chick-fil-a where there was more disappointment this time on G's end because we had to leave early when Jude pooped in his underwear and tee-teed in the indoor playground. Did I mention we're potty training? Did I mention I hate August?

Playdates with friends, dates with B and a girls night at my new favorite restaurant remind me that I guess this month wasn't that bad after all. But believe me, I am ready for September and our return to routine. And who knows, maybe even a return to blogging. We shall see!

**And in case you're wondering why no mention or pictures of Jude turning 3 on August 6th it's because we celebrated the weekend before since B and I were out of town. Stay tuned for a full recap and pics from Jude's Super Duper Cupcake Cape Party coming soon!



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