Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Living for the Long Weekend!

Is the weekend really over??  We had the best weekend, and I am so sad it has come and gone.  I had been so looking forward to a long weekend with nothing to do (well, lots to do i.e. nursery!!!).  I just love long, lazy weekends with simple projects that you can put off all weekend until the very end (i.e. nursery!!!). A date night with the hubby, pancake breakfast, football with friends and a trip to Target along with lots of sleeping in and television watching, it was a perfect weekend.  Oh and did I mention our fun time at the National Folk Festival??  I am a sucker for a festival, market, street fair, etc.  I love them.  B not so much, but since SunTrust was a sponsor and had a music tent, he was more inclined to make an appearance. ;)

Jackpot! :)
Nothing like a healthy lunch of festival fixins.
Highlight of the day...Italian ice!

Not to worry as it was not all play, no work.  I am pleased to say that we did manage to get a lot done around the house, including the nursery.  I'm headed to Dallas on Friday where I'll get to pick up the chair and changing table.  Cannot wait!

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