Friday, September 30, 2011

Five incredible years

Happy anniversary to my wonderful, amazing husband!  I cannot believe we have been married for five years.  It seems like just yesterday we were dancing the night away under the Texas Hill Country stars.  I am so proud of all that we have accomplished in the last five years but giddy just thinking about this new journey we are about to begin together. :)

We celebrated tonight with dinner at Capitol Grille, and when B called to make the reservation he mentioned it was our anniversary.  They asked if he would like rose petals sprinkled across the table. ;)  He said thanks but no thanks (he knows me well that I would think it was cheesy!).  Yet when we arrived they showed us to our table, adorned with lots of rose petals.  It was like a scene out of the Bachelor, and in the moment we were both so amused, we loved it.

We had a fabulous meal, stuffing ourselves silly and reminiscing about the last five years and looking ahead at what is to come.  We capped off our dinner with the best brioche and sweet potato bread pudding.

We were so wanting to stay and spend the night at the Hermitage but considering B has a 7:30am tee time and I am headed to St. Louis bright and early, we opted to come back for a 'staycation babymoon' next month.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Oh my lord, I forgot to wish you a happy anniversary! It was in my calendar and all...grr...

    Happy 5 years to you and B!!!! Love you both!