Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Fine Line

Yesterday was one of those days where I got home and just had to take a deep breath in and exhale out.  Yet simultaneously I was patting myself on the back.  Why?  Because I somehow managed to juggle it all while playing my many roles {super wife/mom/event coordinator/friend}.  I was feeling good that with the day beginning at 5am to help B pack for his LA trip {and keep my jealousy and envy to myself}, I managed to get myself ready for work and feed and dress the little man with time to spare to make my creamy salsa dip for our Mexican themed recipe club {the easiest, yet tastiest thing I make}.  That was until the texts came in saying the nanny was sick.  Thanks to my fellow super mom friend, we managed to figure out the schedule with the babies, and I headed into work for the morning and was then on baby duty that afternoon.  I was so pooped and therefore tempted to flake out {as I've been known to do} on the Chi Omega Alumnae event I had that afternoon followed by recipe club that evening, but I pushed on {with G in tow} and made it to both events.  Fortunately G just went along for the ride and had a ball {naturally the day I have two back to back events and would want B to hang with the little man, he's out of town}, but it got me thinking about a comment my aunt made to me when we were home for Easter.  She said {and I believe she meant it as a compliment}, "You just haven't missed a beat.  You had this baby and didn't miss a beat."  I believe she was referencing the fact that our lives have not changed that much {nowhere near as much as I expected} since our sweet boy's arrival.  Part of that is intentional on my end with me taking to heart another comment a dear friend {and fellow mom} shared during my pregnancy.  Said friend is the true definition of a fabulous super mom {thank you, Laura!} and I attribute her lovely children and what appears to me as effortless parenting to the mantra of "a baby enters your world but should not become your world."  I took that to heart when we were blessed with George, and I think we have proved it true.  We have been fortunate to keep up with our pace of life, but it got me thinking last night as I crawled {crashed} into my bed so thankful for a full, yet fun day that is it really such a good thing that I "haven't missed a beat" since having George.  I pride myself on striving to "do it all" but should that really be the goal?  Probably not.  There is such a fine line, and I want to make sure my priorities are in check and there is a solid sense of balance in our lives.  I don't want to look back on these early years with G and feel like I spread myself too thin.  I often say other than being B's wife, being G's mom is my greatest joy and the toughest yet best role I have ever been given.  I just pray that I can do it well.  The comforting peace for me is that regardless of the craziness that ensues each day, I get to wake up to this sweet face every morning and snuggle with this little angel each night.

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  1. I loved this post :). I was actually telling my mom last weekend that you really are supermom--that you never seem that tired, stressed, etc...just happy!