Monday, June 18, 2012

Scenes from the weekend...

Another amazing weekend.  Let me tell you among many amazing aspects of parenthood, one of my favorites is our intentional effort to spend time together as a family.  Usually our summers are spent with every weekend out of town visiting family and friends or traveling to new spots.  It seems this summer we are just so content to spend time at home with our little man.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

Kicked off the weekend with a date night {G in tow too} at our new favorite restaurant, Table 3.  Nashville folks, have you been?  If not, go now.  B and I went as our last night out just days before G was born and had the best time.  I love that we have been going back ever since with our little guy.  The food is super yummy, and the patio was perfect for this early evening date.  Let me tell you why not only I love this place but also love Nashville so much.  A lovely couple was seated next to us and immediately chuckled that just months ago they too had sat at the exact same table with their little one in the same spot as G.  We immediately struck up a conversation and learned their ten month old was home with a sitter but shared all the joys of parenthood, as well as the name game of who do you know, where did you go to school, etc.  Nashville really is such a small town.  Sadly a rainstorm blew in which meant we quickly ran in and took cover in the attached market.  I then was forced {completely on my own} to purchase some scrumptious sweets to take home {iced brown butter cookies are to die for}.  The valet brought the car up as we dodged through the rain, got home and put the boy down to then enjoy cookies and wine while listening to the rain {does not get better than that}.

Saturday we ventured out to the Porter Flea Market {along with everyone else in Nashville}.  I have never seen so many people and so many strollers.  We were famished when we got there and torn between the delicious offerings of some of Nashville's best food trucks.  Settled on Yayo's O.M.G and was definitely a good choice.  Oh my goodness, the shrimp tacos were amazing.  Sorry no pic, but I couldn't snap quick enough before inhaling them.  Our time in the market was short lived as it proved quite difficult to maneuver G through all while trying to shop.  B was a trooper and took G off to the side so I could make some purchases.  So wish I would have had more time {and space} but managed to snag some painted milk glass vases and some adorable handmade rattles.  Couldn't leave the market without sampling some Jeni's.  It's definitely a tie between salted caramel and cherry goat cheese for my favorite.  Yum!  Our little one was so worn out after the outing but managed to rally for a pre-Father's Day night of grilling.  Got to love summer nights on the patio.  Grilling, fresh snacks, baby in nothing but his dipe and my new favorite drink.  Cupcake prosecco, mint leaves and cucumber slices.  So refreshing.  Got the idea from this fabulous gal.  A perfect evening.

Celebrated Father's Day with church that morning {G's first nursery experience as B was playing and I was teaching Sunday school} and Mexican for lunch.  Sad I was not with my own dad on the day of dads but could not have asked for a better time than that spent with my two guys.  I am just so in love with them both and thoroughly enjoyed honoring B on his first Father's Day.  He is a remarkable dad, and I look forward to all that he will teach and share with G.

Finished up the weekend with G's first night of real food.  Started things off with peas and thankfully he enjoyed them way more than oatmeal or rice cereal {he is certainly his father's son as he was eying his dad's turkey burger the whole time}.  Next up, carrots.  Put the boy to bed and enjoyed some True Blood {thoughts on this new crazy season?} before we lay our heads down as well, so thankful for another restful, fun weekend. 

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