Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Lake is Calling My Name!

Hello!  What a week it has been.  A sick nanny, sick mommy and snotty baby {his nose, not attitude} make for what feels like the longest week ever.  My mother-in-law gets in tonight and am so looking forward to seeing her but really just so excited for an extra set of hands.  This exhausting week has me counting down the days to the Fourth.  We are heading to the lake with both sides of the family and cannot wait to lounge on the pier, soak in the rays and sip on some prosecco {with cucumber and mint of course!}.

This will be the little man’s first trip to the lake, and I am so excited to get him in his swim duds.  My go-to shop for all things baby, Tweed {aka Anthropologie for baby} carries this great brand I’ve heard more and more moms raving about.  Apparently i play is the best for sun protection.  And the offerings are absolutely adorable.  Picked up this little ensemble the other day.

Now if I can just find a new suit for mom. L I was eying this to-die-for Marc Jacobs suit at Anthro...

and was thrilled when it got marked down from $218 {we joked I’d wear it to work, the grocery store, etc. to make it worth the price tag} to $79.95 but alas did not pull the trigger fast enough and it sold out. Oh well, I’ll continue my search!

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