Thursday, March 15, 2012

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

A great piece of advice I received before George was born was that no matter what, as soon as possible, go on a date, just B and me.  Luckily we had my mom and then B's mom staying with us those first three weeks, so we had the chance to have several date nights.

I also heard from several friends, even though it is hard, try and go away, just the two of you, once you feel comfortable enough.  B and I never got the chance to take a babymoon because we literally had something every weekend the last several months before George was born.  So, when B's mom said she wanted to come visit last weekend, I thought why not let her stay with the little man and we can escape for the night.

I heard about the Stone Fort Inn in Chattanooga and thought it looked like a perfect, quaint B&B that would be easy to get to, yet fun and unique.  So excited to get away, but knowing Chattanooga was not exactly a glamorous destination, I was amused and surprised to find this NY Times article on the Inn's Facebook page.  How impressive!  #25!  I mean we were torn between Chattanooga, Morroco and Malaysia. ;)

So we booked our room and thus began the process of preparing to leave the little guy (i.e. pumping!).  Prior to last week, George never had a bottle. So we started on Tuesday. A little apprehensive but eventually he took it. Wednesday he drank like a champ. My mother-in-law arrived Thursday (George adores her!), and she attempted to give him his bottle that night. Epic fail. The boy was furious. We went to bed and hoped for the best the next day.  Friday, same situation.  He was happy as could be until you put that bottle near him.  So we went to bed Friday night thinking we were going to have to cancel our reservation.  I was so sad but knew we had our baby's best interest at heart.  We decided to try one more bottle Saturday morning, and if he took it, we were out the door!  Sure enough, his MeMo had the magic touch, and we were gone. :)

Driving there I was still feeling a little guilty, thinking that might have just been a fluke and now my baby is going to starve to death and cry all night keeping my sweet mother-in-law up all night in turn making her exhausted for her seven hour drive the next morning all so I could have some adult beverages without looking at my nursing schedule and good, uninterrupted sleep.  Clearly I didn't feel that guilty as we continued driving. ;)

We arrived at the Stone Fort completely forgetting they are on Eastern time and realized we missed the wine and cheese reception.  However sweet innkeeper Dee greeted us still with a bottle of Pinot Noir, our favorite!

We checked into our room and I was kicking myself for not bringing sparkling water (ever since pregnancy I am addicted and go crazy without it!), but to my pleasant surprise discovered this.

It's all about the little things for me! :)

Before heading to dinner we took in the Inn a bit.

I just loved all the details in each room.  So unique.

We walked across the street to Public House for dinner.  Upscale Southern comfort food.  Sounded amazing.  The waiter recommended starting with their signature appetizer, pimento cheese with grilled sourdough bread and fried pickles.  B and I both agreed it was the best thing we have ever eaten.


In honor of our first night away, I celebrated with a champagne cocktail, my favorite.

As I was enjoying the libations, B got a text from his mom.  I was thinking, uh-oh, this is it.  George is going crazy, and we are about to have to head back to Nashville.  Quite the opposite!  She was happy to report he sucked down the whole bottle and actually had to make another one!  I was ecstatic knowing my child would at least be well-fed when I returned...still wondered though how the rest of the evening would shape up (i.e. would he sleep??).

Once I knew my baby was eating, I did the same. :)  Enjoyed the fabulous vegetable plate followed by creme brûlée for dessert.  I stuffed myself silly!  

We headed back to the Inn and enjoyed some pool.  Of course B killed me.  I am terrible.  Seriously terrible.

After a little FaceTiming with the boy (yes, we are those parents!) we hit the sack (too bad we chose Daylight Savings for our one night of glorious, uninterrupted sleep!).  I woke up the next morning feeling so refreshed but suddenly felt the feeling would fade as I prepared to call B's mom for a report.  Was thrilled to learn he was still asleep!  He slept seven and a half hours, drank his bottle and was back asleep in his crib. It was music to my ears!  George's fabulous report allowed me to enjoy the scrumptious breakfast even more. :)  Chipotle eggs Benedict, apple cinnamon crepes, spinach and feta quiche and white chocolate raspberry scones all made for a delectable dining experience. 

I was a little sad to leave so soon but was anxious to see my little man.  Walking into this just made my heart melt!

I love him so much and thank God daily for blessing B and me with the incredible opportunity to be this precious angel's parents (I also am thankful for such a wonderful mother-in-law who loves my baby so!).  They even picked flowers for us. :)

All in all a fabulous getaway and so glad we decided to go!

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