Monday, March 12, 2012

A good lesson...

My boy is getting older. He's getting bigger. He's getting more active.  I wish I could make time stand still.  Or at least drag out each month a little longer.  Gone are the days where I could count on George to just sleep through whatever outing we took or event we attended.  I learned this the hard way at church last week.  We have been so spoiled being able to take the little guy to church and not having to drop him off in the nursery with other kids (i.e. germs!).  So last Sunday, I walked into church, so smug with my perfect baby sound asleep in his carrier.  Did I sit on the back row against the wall with all the other new moms and babies?  Oh no, I plopped down front and center.  My baby's perfect and sleeps through the service each week.  No need for me to be in the back. ;)  B was singing and playing this week so he was up on the stage.  As soon as the music was over and the preacher started his sermon, George's eyes shot open.  He started squirming, and I figured I should get him out of the carrier before he had the chance to tell me he wanted out (i.e. screaming crying).  So luckily I got him out with no tears or commotion and held him as the sermon progressed.  Still smugly thinking, oh my perfect baby, now I'll just hold him and rock him back to sleep all the while enjoying this sermon and not disturbing the worship experience for anyone else.  Wrong.  Just as soon as I stopped worrying about him crying, he let out another (far worse) disruption.  The child 'squirted' (forgive me if this post is TMI), rather 'erupted' so loudly the entire row in front of us shot around to see what could have possibly produced such a heinous noise.  I immediately got up and got him out of there knowing this was just the beginning and there was much more to come.  As soon as I got to the bathroom and waited for George to continue his morning business, I realized I had to go to the bathroom.  I had not yet found myself in this situation.  Usually I would just have B hold him when I went to the restroom.  So, rather than hold it and wait until after the service (I had a lot to drink that morning!), I made a decision that I know some of you reading will cringe and judge me.  I put my baby on the bathroom floor.  Don't worry, I laid out his changing pad, but he was definitely on the floor, in the stall with me.  And naturally someone walks in.  And of course, George started crying as soon as they entered the bathroom.  So, yes, I'm the mom who should have left my baby in the nursery or at least stayed on the back wall so his explosive diarrhea would not have interrupted the entire church service and is now realizing the germs on the bathroom floor my baby is laying on are probably far worse than the few he would have picked up from the cute, well-attended kids in the nursery.  Oh well.  After the service (I had to go back in and get the carrier), the cute dad in front of me says, "How'd that diaper turn out?  It sounded like a good one!"I think it goes without saying, but George will be in the nursery next time.


  1. Oh my goodness, George is going to LOVE to hear this story someday!

  2. Haha, I love it!! I am imagining what my reaction would be though if I walked in a bathroom and saw someone's baby lying on the floor! Ha! I actually think the floor may be cleaner than some of the changing tables!