Monday, March 5, 2012

On the road again...

My baby is road warrior!  He loves to be in the car and a long distance trip did not change that.  George survived his first road trip and was beyond a trooper!  We headed to Louisiana a couple of weeks ago to introduce George to B's side of the family.

We strapped the little man in and I'm proud to say we only had to stop once for him to eat!  I also got to change my first diaper in a public place.  Thank you Chick-fil-A of Athens, Alabama. 

We decided to break up the trip a bit and stop and see our best friends, Beth and Justin, in Jackson, MS.
George loved meeting them!
Especially playing with his new bud, Maddox.

Is Maddox not the cutest?  I might be partial since he is our Godson. ;)

We made it to Louisiana the next day and there were plenty of people waiting to meet this little guy.
B's grandmother, Momee, meeting George.  Our little man is named after her late husband, B's grandfather, and late son, B's dad.

George also got to meet my great aunt and uncle!

Playtime with MeMo and Pappy!

Our nephew Ben calls George, "Little Uncle Bryan."  Cracks me up!

Sweet sugar from the aunts. :)

George loves his MeMo!

I was so nervous about George being off his schedule and worried he would not sleep.  Wrong!  This child LOVED his pack and play.  He slept better there than he does here!  All three nights we were there he slept at least seven hours.  I had to wake him up one morning so we could go to church.  He was such a rock star this trip!

The Bolton boys!

Love my boys. :)

Such a fun trip seeing family and introducing them all to George! 

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