Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday Funday

Well we our back from our twelve day, whirlwind Texas adventure.  So many stories to share.  We had an AMAZING time, and George met so many friends and family.  I was sad to leave, but we were so excited to be home with B.  As much as I love going home and seeing everyone, yesterday just made me really appreciate our little family of three (oops, four...sorry Chloe!) and the life we have created here in Nashville.  We got home Saturday night and put George down (after some much needed catch up time with Dad!) and awoke yesterday morning from a glorious, almost nine hour slumber (thank you, George!). We decided to take in the gorgeous weather and spend the day as a family outside.  We took a long walk around McCabe Park, and I think my smile was shining brighter than the sun itself.  I kept thinking it seems like just yesterday we were bringing our tiny new person home from the hospital all bundled up on a chilly December night, and now here we are on this beautiful spring day strolling along with our precious, perfect three month old baby.  I saw families of all shapes and sizes and immediately was thinking ahead to all the many walks in the park throughout each stage of George's life.  I cannot wait to show him how to blow the dandelions.  I cannot wait for his first bike ride without training wheels.  I can wait for our last walk before he heads off to college. ;)  I know I am getting ahead of myself and am really working on just taking in each moment, each day and enjoying each and every stage of his precious life. Along our walk I just had to stop and take in how thankful and truly blessed I am for the amazing life we have.  I knew being a mom would be an incredible experience and that B and I would grow together as parents, but I could not fathom how much I would love being George's mom and just how much it would make me love B even more.  Our little man was all tuckered out after our long stroll (as were his parents!), so thankfully he slept so we could grill and enjoy a lovely dinner just the two of us outside.  What a perfect end to an absolutely perfect day.

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  1. Catching up on the blog and love all these pictures of George!