Monday, March 12, 2012

Look who's two months old!

Happy two month birthday, George!

Don't you love I'm posting this one week before his three month birthday?? ;)  Oh well!

What is George loving this month?  Talking!  Well, not really, but almost!  He loves to 'talk' to himself. :)  I often find him in his crib in the morning just cooing away, so content.  Nothing makes me happier.  He will look at you when you talk to him and mimic the way your mouth moves as if to almost come out and repeat what you are saying.  I swear he will really be talking soon.  I mean, have you met his parents? ;)

He also loves 'blue lines.'  His new nickname is blue-liner.  His trusty Pampers have a yellow line that turns blue when they are wet.  Let me just say no matter how often I change him he is in a constant state of blue.

Some things never change, and for George that is his love of music!  It warms my heart so to see his dad playing and singing for him and watching how receptive George is.  I just keep praying the little man gets his dad's musical ability.  

And last but certainly not least, the boy loves to be out and about socializing.  I am so thankful for his sweet, easy going temperament.  We take him everywhere!  He loves riding in the car and going places. It has been so nice to be able to accept invitations places knowing we can bring George and that he will be just happy as can be!

Looking forward to all that month three has in store...

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