Monday, March 30, 2015

Scenes from the weekend...

I always joke that I'd much rather sleep than eat and my husband certainly knows the way to my heart. B let me snooze Saturday morning while he entertained our little men. The best part? When I woke up, they were all dressed and out the door for a boys day. Talk about a pleasant surprise! I made a cup of tea and my new favorite toast {ricotta and honey topped with pistachios and blueberries} and settled in for some much needed quiet time. It was truly glorious. Tackled some projects, did some laundry and just soaked in the silence. I have to admit though when B sent me the pic of them on a juice break at Monkey Joe's, I was a little jealous. I missed them!

Later that night B and I enjoyed a much needed date night, just the two of us. We are fortunate that we have a fabulous babysitter and get out often, but it's usually for events, parties or nights out with friends {which we love!}. We were spoiled Saturday that it was just us and no real plans. It was amazing. Started the evening off at one of our favorites and had hands down, the best mocktail ever. Oh my goodness. Cucumber, mint and ginger. It almost made me not miss the alcohol. Almost.
After drinks we headed to another favorite spot for a yummy meal. Fortunately it was a long wait, so we tucked into a private booth upstairs and enjoyed more mocktails and conversation before going down for dinner. Friends, if you are ever in Nashville you have to go to Sinema. It's just the best. 
Sunday was all about family time. Donuts, Palm Sunday worship, naps and playing outside. It was a day of rest and relaxation and one I just wanted to savor. Here's to a short week as we get ready to head to Dallas!


  1. Love that you got some relaxation & time with your hubby! Enjoy Dallas! XO

  2. Dude. Best weekend. Alone time. Date time. And family time. Sign me up next weekend!

  3. This sounds and looks like it was an amazing weekend! Happy Easter! Xo, Stephanie