Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gussied up Guest Room

I'm back from my quick trip to Dallas this weekend. What a weekend! I thought I was escaping the cold, snowy Nashville weather and was ready to enjoy some Texas warmth. Wrong. Would you believe we got snowed in?? All my fun plans to celebrate my mom's birthday, canceled! I do have to admit it was actually kind of nice to have an excuse to stay in our pjs all day, read magazines and play on Pinterest. And having some time with my parents without my two cute distractions? Priceless!

Another perk of traveling sans kiddos was not having to worry about setting up all the boys' stuff. No pack and plays, no sound machines, no special blankets or stuffed animals. I was able to just rest, and my sweet mom made my room feel so homey with my favorite snacks, magazines and hydrangeas. She certainly has a gift for hospitality, and I am forever grateful for her example.

Living away from family and friends, it's rare that we go more than a month without a visitor or two. I love to get our guest room ready when expecting company and enjoy catering to that specific guest. B's mom and her husband recently stayed with us, and those two are quite the early birds. We are talking 4:00 in the morning wake-up call! They are also big coffee drinkers. I decided to set up this little coffee bar for them so they could enjoy a cup or two before the rest of the house awakened.

I always make sure to have our guests' favorites on hand, as well as plenty of snacks and water. Whether it's a good bottle of red wine for a friend or Cheetos for my grandma {she loves them!}, it's that little something that let's your guest know you're thinking of them and are excited to have them in your home. 
And always make sure to have fresh flowers! They are the perfect touch to welcoming your guests.

So how do you get ready for overnight company? Any tips or guest room must-haves?


  1. You're such a sweet hostess! Your guest room looks like a hotel and the coffee within the room is an amazing idea (especially for your in-laws)!

  2. You are inspiring me! Our guest room is on my list. Just way way down there. Cute!