Friday, March 6, 2015

Five on Friday

{ONE} Leprechaun Cookies -- St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and also happens to fall on the boys' Spring Break. Since they'll be out of school that day, I've been trying to come up with some green {and easy!} activities to keep them entertained. I think these cookies are at the top of our list. I'm a sucker for anything with pistachio!

{TWO} House of Cards -- Anyone else binge watching this addictive show?? Luckily B waited until I got back in town to start the new season, and now we are staying up way too late each night watching episode after episode. So good!

{THREE} Bunny Bait -- And as I'm binge watching House of Cards, I'm also binge eating this tasty snack. Hi, I'm Rachel, and this pregnancy has me snacking like a crazy person. Seriously, why can't I just be happy with an apple or some carrot sticks?? Oh no. My mom got this dangerously delectable treat for me when I was home last weekend, and I'm ashamed to admit I went to Target and stocked up as soon as I got back.

{FOUR} Homemakers -- We had another snow day yesterday, and I was finally able to read through the new Homemakers book. So many fabulous ideas for the home filled with lots of DIYs, tips and recipes. Definitely worth checking out!

{FIVE} DIY Popcorn Bar -- Taking a little inspiration from Homemakers, I whipped up this do it yourself popcorn bar for a little "crafts and cocktails" girls night I hosted this week. It was such a hit! Everyone had the best time getting creative with washi tape and twine, and this sweet and savory snack was the perfect addition.

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  1. Loved your post yesterday on that adorable popcorn and treat bar - so fun! I need to get my hands on that book asap... and that bunny bait :)

  2. I only watched the first couple episodes of HOC last fall. I was supposed to be watching it with the hubby but we got distracted or he didn't like it not sure. I just finished up a show on Netflix and it is definitely in the running for what to watch next. Hope you have a great weekend! Stopping in from the link up. ;)

  3. Oh my gosh, that bunny mix! Yum. Also, those cookies! Now I'm craving something seriously sweet! Okay... I still haven't gotten into HOC yet butttt I just might have to give it a go on Netflix. SO many people rave about it! Thanks for linking up your faves! <3

  4. Yes for House of Cards. Cannot get enough of Kevin Spacey and his character. Such a great actor and that role is so made for him. I'm so sleepy...can hardly get enough sleep. This season is terrific.

  5. Such a great idea to have a popcorn bar, I love it! Homemakers looks like an awesome book too, I'll have to add it to be wish list. Xo, Stephanie