Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, friends!
It's time for Five on Friday with these lovely ladies.

Here's what I'm loving this week.

I must say I'm just loving the new Prince's name {obviously I'm partial!}.
What I'm really loving though is Kate.
I mean, how amazing does she look? 
Good for her for showing off her post baby bump!
Now if only I could look half as good leaving the hospital...

2. Pampelonne 
With my baby arriving very soon I've got cocktails on the brain {cannot wait!}.
Stumbled upon this new wine and am dying to try.
Hoping to find here in Nashville and cannot wait for their red wine sangria!

So I know I usually have some fattening frozen sweet treat on my favorites list, but this week I am all about this granola.
It is amazing.
I've been dipping apples in peanut butter and granola each day for lunch and cannot get enough.
Don't worry though, still also enjoying plenty of ice cream and gelato each night.

I love Land of Nod and was dying this week following them on Instagram as they launched their holiday line.
There are so many gifts I want for G and Baby #2, but this camper is at the top of my list.
How adorable??
Cannot wait to watch my little ones playing pretend together.

5. My boys
As excited as I am for Baby #2 to arrive, I have to admit I am really enjoying soaking up these last few days with B and G as a family of three.
We are making the most of our time with just our little man and know he will be the best big brother!

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I am in LOVE with that Land of Nod Camper!!! I am most definitely adding that to my son's birthday and Christmas wish list!! Adorable!! Thank you for sharing! Have a great weekend :)

  2. I posted about Granola too! ha I LOVE the packaging of that wine also!!! So cute! Enjoy your moments as a family of 3, but I am so excited to hear the news of baby 2 joining the world! Putting the camper on our Christmas list now, too cute! Thanks for sharing! Happy Friday!!

  3. Hey there lady! Found you through the link up. That camper is too cute. Pretty sure I will need that one day!!

  4. That camper is so cool! I bet my O would love it too, with his bus obsession and all. I've been seeing that granola all over the place -- but my husband refuses to eat anything pumpkin until September, or so he says! I bet he'd eat it anyway. Have a great weekend with your family of three!

  5. Everything is so cute mini, wine included!looks yummy! and that camper is too cute! I love all of their teepees too! Have a good weekend