Tuesday, July 2, 2013


So it hit me last night, I am about to have another baby.  You would think the last eight months of an expanding belly would have clued me in to what is about to happen. Seriously though something last night just really clicked.  More like sent me into panic mode. I realized I have so much left to do and just four weeks left to do it all.  Where has the time gone??  Things are so different the second go around.  Mainly because you're too busy chasing after and keeping up with the result of your first pregnancy to think about being pregnant again.

So this morning I woke up refreshed {only got up to use the bathroom twice last night!} and ready to make the most of this last month before we enter our new phase of life known as "two under two."  I really want to savor every moment with G and enjoy our last few weeks just the two of us.  However I also want to spend some intentional time focusing on this baby.  I certainly know this second go around that life will go on even if every little nursery detail is not place or this little one doesn't have a closet filled with clothes before he or she arrives.  But I really want to spend some time anticipating and getting excited about his or her arrival just like we did for George. B and I finally put the crib together last night, and it was so sweet to think about this little one sleeping in it.  We laughed as we put it on the highest level knowing our little man across the hall could climb out of it in a second.  We also reminisced about silly we were putting George's crib together in the living room only to have to completely take it apart again in order to get it through the doorways into the nursery.  Oh the things we parents learn the second go around...Yes, we assembled crib #2 in the baby's room.

So let the countdown officially begin for "two under two!"  It's going to be an adventure.  A little scary and certainly interesting, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


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  2. I've heard the time with the second one goes by so much faster. Friends of mine who've had two have also expressed a feeling of not being as focused on the 2nd pregnancy because of what you mentioned. I guess that's just how it is, right? Not bad, just different! I think it's the first taste of what it will be like to just do what you have to do to survive with 2! But don't worry, you'll be fine! My mother-in-law 4 under five at one time--ugh!--and lived to tell about it!

    1. Four under five?!? I cannot imagine! :)

  3. G and Baby B are blessed to have you as their mama!! #twoundertwo