Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday friends!
Wow this week sure flew by.
Linking up again with these lovely ladies to share what I'm loving this week.

These guys are incredible, and their music has been on constant repeat in our house.
Check them out!

Can you tell I have a somewhat obsession with frozen treats this summer??
These bad boys are so addicting.

The last thing I want to do each day is blow dry and style my hair.
Loving these fun summer looks and cannot wait to try some out.

Hi I'm Rachel, and I'm addicted to donuts.
Luckily I try and only eat them when I'm pregnant.
Since I only have a couple weeks left I better get on making these homemade glazes.
Wouldn't this be such a fun play date?

And speaking of just a couple weeks to go until Baby #2 arrives...
I'm loving this post my friend sent me.
She is too is expecting "two under two."
These sweet pics have me so excited at the thought of G meeting his new baby brother/sister.

So what are you all loving this week??
Any fun weekend plans?
We're hitting up the pool, doing date night and attempting to wrap up the last minute nursery/baby details.
Here's hoping for some productivity!


  1. I started a Trader Joes shopping list this morning and just added "Mini Mint Ice Cream Mouthfuls" to it.

    And I am a lover of folk music, so I'll have to check out that music! :)

    Happy Friday!!

    1. So are you addicted yet?? I've decided that box of little ice cream mouthfuls is a single serving. ;) Hope you enjoyed a fabulous weekend!

  2. that's IT!! I am moving to a town with a Trader Joe's

    1. We live at Trader Joe's! Hope your weekend was fabulous!

  3. I crave donuts all.the.time!! I had them this morning. It's definitely a pregnancy craving of mine!!

    1. I hear you! :) Where is your favorite Nashville donut spot?? We usually hit up Donut Den or Krispy Kreme. Hope the weekend was wonderful, and you are feeling well!