Monday, July 8, 2013

Scenes from the weekend...

Did everyone enjoy a happy Fourth?  Ours was a wet one.  It never stopped raining.  The entire day.  Luckily a little {a lot!} rain couldn't keep us down.  We enjoyed a lazy day indoors waiting for our dear friends who were coming to visit us for the long weekend.  

We enjoyed time catching up with them, watching our sweet boys play together and even snagged a babysitter for a night out.  Finally got to try out my new favorite restaurant!  Since the rain continued the entire weekend {BOO!} we gave in and decided to let the boys out of the house.  What better place, Chuck E. Cheese's.  Yikes!  Everyone in Nashville had the same idea.

This tired mama was pooped and spent most of Sunday {and today!} in bed.  Cannot believe we have less than a month to go.  Here's hoping this week I can manage to be productive!

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