Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hospital Bag Essentials

Ok, so I'm tickled that I had my hospital bag packed like two months out with G, and with two and half weeks to go, I have yet to even pull out my overnight bag.

As many negatives as there are with pregnancy #2 {i.e. bump sooner plus more frequent bathroom visits}, there are plenty of positives including knowledge!  Oh you feel like you know so much more the second go around and are more prepared {at least that's what I'm telling myself}, especially when it comes to packing the hospital bag.  Or in my case, what not to pack.  How I wish I would have photographed my overstuffed overnight bag I took for G's arrival.  Seriously, a huge duffel that I could barely zip plus my diaper bag stuffed to the brim.  Did I think I was moving to the hospital {I know after he was born I wish I could have!  Those nurses are the best.}?

So round #2 I am being more practical.  Taking only what I need {says the queen of overpacking}.  Here's my list of hospital bag essentials.

Hospital Bag Essentials
Hospital Bag Essentials by rachelgbolton
  • Nursing bras and nursing tanks {I recommend really comfortable ones with no underwire.  Oh those first days are interesting...}
  • Plenty of comfy pajamas including gowns, front button shirts and loose fitting pants
  • Robe {This comes in handy when walking around the hospital and when friends come to visit your new babe.}
  • Slippers {Also slipper socks with pads on the bottom in case your feet are too swollen for slippers...speaking from experience!}
  • Flip flops
  • Burt's Bees {I cannot tell you how many times I reapplied this during delivery!}
  • La Croix {I am addicted and so wished I had this after G was born.}
  • Boppy {So helpful with nursing but also before delivery.  I used it for support in the uncomfortable hospital bed.}

Not pictured but definitely going with me will be my own pillow, a bath towel from home, hairdryer and toiletries {including a little makeup!}.  Also, camera, laptop and chargers.  Oh and my going home outfit.  So thankful it is warm so I can just throw on a loose fitting dress.  I was so naive when packing last time.  You should have seen me waddling out of the hospital in my tightest skinny black pants.  Word to the wise, make sure you bring something loose and comfy to leave in as you will still be swollen and not that much smaller than when you arrived.  Things to leave at home...magazines, journal, books, etc.  I brought these the first go around, and they never came out of my bag.  Also, everyone told me to bring granny panties, pads, etc.  I never took them out of the bag either.  The hospital totally takes care of you!

Also, packing up a bag for B complete with comfy clothes and lots of his favorite snacks.  For the babe, I'll be keeping it simple with just some of my favorite swaddles and take home outfits for a boy and for a girl.  Cannot wait to see who we will be bringing home!

Also, I always think it's such a sweet gesture to bring a little something for the nurses and hospital staff.  They were such lifesavers during G's delivery, and considering we were there for 36 hours before he was ever even born, we got to meet lots of them.  I did a candy bar with his delivery but found a little something I'm working on for this go around.  Will share soon!

So, what did I leave off?  What were your go to items during your hospital stay?


  1. You're ready! I lived in my maternity leggings at the hospital. But it was also winter and snowing like cray. Dying to know what you're having. Thinking about you:). LK

  2. I totally over packed also and I agree about magazines, journal etc! Your list is set!!! I also brought our baby book so we could get footprints and such in the book while there! I can't wait to find out.. boy or girl! I bet you are dying?! Remind me how old is G?

    1. Yes, good call on the baby book! We are so excited for this little one to arrive and cannot wait to know boy or girl. George just turned 19 months, and even though we will have our hands full, I cannot wait to see him as a big brother. :)