Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hospital Staff Thank You Gifts

So in true procrastinator fashion, what do you do when you should be finishing the nursery, picking out a name or just trying to get some rest?  You come up with another project. :)

I so loved my last experience at the hospital delivering George and was so appreciative of the staff. From the nurses to the people who brought us our food, everyone was amazing.  I wanted to make sure to have a little something to show our appreciation.

Thought this was simple and easy, and who doesn't love chocolate?
B and I may or may not have put a good dent in this bag.
 And we might be short a few of these baggies...
Here's hoping the baby comes sooner rather than later otherwise we might not have any nuggets left for the nurses!

Did you take any treats during your delivery?
Here are some more adorable gift ideas for the hospital staff.


  1. These are such sweet ideas (literally!). I bet the nurses, etc. will be so flattered that you thought of them. The nurses with Owen were amazing, and I planned to send flowers but things just got hectic and I forgot. Definitely doing this next time!

  2. These are such a great ideas! I really love yours though! I am pinning for the future!!!

  3. Its a great idea with a noble cause. This reminded me my visit to the hospital when I met with an accident 6 months ago. The hospital staff was so caring and helpful that I couldn’t resist thanking them with gifts. I made an online delivery of flowers, chocolates, candies etc from The staff over there was shocked but with a smile on their faces. It gave me a feeling of satisfaction and filled my heart with joy. This satisfaction played a key role in my recovery. And from this feeling I can say giving is more healing than receiving. Those smiles still lingers deep inside my heart and give me strength when i feel blue.

  4. Very helpful gift item ideas. I have been searching for gifts that is unique and the receiver will truly love. I might be using some of your thank you gift basket ideas the next time I need something unique.