Thursday, August 1, 2013

A little sprinkle...

Wow where has this week gone?  I feel like I have been the worst blogger lately and this was going to be the week I actually kept up with it.  Ha!  Oh well, no time like the present.

I think I have been in a funk this week.  Not quite sure why considering all the excitement that is about to be upon us.  I guess given all the activity and progression with my pregnancy these last few weeks I so thought we would have a baby by now.  I never experienced any of this with George and always anticipated him being late {ironic he ended up being early!}.  With this one, these last few weeks I have been so antsy and anxious.  

The good thing about still being with child?  I got to enjoy a lovely "Sprinkle" my sweet friends planned for Baby B and me!  I have the most amazing friends who truly outdid themselves and know how to make a gal feel special.  Nothing like sweet treats and lots of laughter with the girls to put me right back where I need to be.  Excited and thankful for this new bundle of life we are about to welcome {whenever that may be!}.

1 comment:

  1. Still no baby?! Come on, baby!

    What a lovely little sprinkle! Love the sprinkle cupcakes. You look amazing. And woo hoo to all the diapers! Great gift.