Monday, August 26, 2013

Scenes from the weekend...

Well friends today marks my first day solo with two under two.  My mom left yesterday, I wiped away my tears and survived {even though nap was quite the four letter word in our house today}. Through my sleep deprived state I was able to look back on a fabulous weekend and already start counting down to this upcoming one.

We managed to snag another date night before Oma headed home.  Date nights have never been so good!  The conversation is better, food is tastier and libations certainly are more enjoyable.  You truly savor everything and every moment because you don't know when you'll get another one. Ha! Not only did we dine at our favorite spot, we were so wild and crazy {insert my sarcasm} that we even went out for a beer afterwards.  Saturday B was on dad duty so mom and I could get out and shop and run some errands. Again, the little things you so appreciate after being cooped up with two little ones. We made it home in time to relieve B who was headed to the Titans game.  Not wanting to waste a gorgeous Saturday evening we bravely packed up the boys and ventured out for a popsicle park date. An evening complete with chasing G, picking up sticks and rocks and giving Jude his first real bath {his cord finally fell out!} made for the perfect end to Oma's three week visit. I truly feel blessed to have a mother who will put her life on hold for that long to come and love on me and my family.  So thankful for her selfless example!

And speaking of selfless women, MoMo gets here Wednesday {hallelujah!}. Am I spoiled or what??


  1. Congrats momma! What a beautiful family you have!!! :)

  2. Your children are beautiful!! I love the matching yellow striped outfits as well!