Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, friends!
I cannot believe how fast the week flies by with a newborn.
I mean between feeding, changing diapers and sleeping, the days tend to evaporate.
Excited to be linking up with Darci and friends to share my favorites this week.

Oh how I have missed this all summer!
Since Baby Jude arrived I have been enjoying a little bubbly.

2. Gorgeous flowers
Friends and family have been so kind to shower us with such lovely arrangements, but I have to say this one is my favorite!
Thanks to my sweet friend, Courtney, for sending us some love.

3. Grandparents

Where do I even begin?!? 
These grandparents are incredible!
What's the old saying about it taking a village...
These three took on the little man plus the new babe for a whole week.
Couldn't do it without them!

4. Yummy Food
MoMo and Poppa are gone, but Oma stayed and will be with us a little longer {hallelujah!}.
Not only is she entertaining G, changing Jude's dipes and doing all our laundry, she is whipping up some amazing meals.
This Brown Butter Gnocchi with Roasted Broccoli and Pine Nuts has been my favorite {goes great with the prosecco!}.
Recipe coming soon...

5. My boys
And last but certainly not least, these two.
I mean talk about stealing my heart.
B and his brother are the best friends, and I already see that bond with my two boys.
Cannot wait for all the adventures these two will get into in the years to come.

We have certainly enjoyed our first week at home with our new little one and are looking forward to the weekend.
I'm going to attempt a girls night and date night {we'll see how that goes!}.
Here's hoping you and yours have a lovely weekend as well!

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  1. yay for a great first weeek! Gorgeous flower, yummy meals and awesome grandparents - looks like you are being showered with love! congrats again! Jude is perfect!!!