Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What should we call him?

I think the number one question I got when people found out what we named George was, "So, what are you going to call him?"  Well, George.  That's his name.

The number one question since Jude entered the world, "So, is he named after the song?" Although B and I both love us some Beatles, we did not name our son after Hey Jude.

Names are tough.  Especially when you don't find out the gender.  We had our girl name but took forever {as in the day he was born} finalizing our boy name.  The girl name is one we loved from our first pregnancy, but since we only had the one boy name last time {we knew we would name our first son after B's dad} we were starting from scratch this go around.

We knew the middle name would honor my dad in some way and settled on using Maxwell, which is my dad's middle name and my grandmother's maiden name.  The question then lingered, if we had another son, what would we call him?

We wanted a Biblical name.  Something strong.  A name that stood for something. We tossed around names we each liked, but we just kept coming back to one.

Now that he is here, I love it even more.  He is such a Jude, and his name is so fitting.  Our initial draw to Jude was its meaning. Thanks, praise and thanksgiving.  Considering we got the surprise of a lifetime on Thanksgiving Day last year, we thought it was only fitting.  

Excuse B's "No shave November" stache...
I realized I never posted these pics, but I found out we were pregnant on Thanksgiving Day.
This is how I told B.
I love how he goes from complete shock, to sheer joy.

The Book of Jude calls Christians to action, challenging them to stand firm in their faith and defend God's truth.  It is my prayer that our Jude will grow to be just as bold and strong in his convictions. We truly do give thanks to God for our healthy baby boy and look forward to all the ways he will continue to bless us as he grows.

In the meantime, I also pray he is blessed with his dad's musical ability.  I guess it's not out of the realm of possibility considering B sings Hey Jude to him each night. Just because he's not named after the song doesn't mean we don't dig it.


  1. Jude is beautiful, strong name and perfect for your little boy. I love the meaning it holds and that you guys put a lot of thought into naming him.

  2. Absolutely beautiful - One of my favorite posts to date! I think it is about time that I meet sweet Jude...

  3. Hi Rachel,

    Congrats! He is adorable! I love the name Jude and love how you summarized the book of Jude as your prayer for your little man. What a fun time for you and your family!

  4. Love this post! What a special day! Jude is an amazing name!!! God is good! Blessings for sweet baby Jude! XO