Monday, August 5, 2013


Still no baby.  I'm officially 40 weeks today.  If you told me weeks ago I'd still be pregnant, I wouldn't have believed you {and probably would have smacked you!}.  Thought the babe was coming Friday night, but after a whirlwind of packing up the car, dropping of G with friends, calling out of town family and heading to the hospital, we were sent home for false labor.  Luckily the grandmas are here, and we enjoyed a relaxing, restful weekend.  We are now ready for baby!

So many thoughts rush through my head as we prepare to welcome this new little one.  Thoughts on how will I be as a newborn mom all over again.  How will G adjust to life as a big brother?  How on earth will I physically be able to run on the little sleep I'm about to get?  The main thought {and excitement} that keeps going through my mind {and heart} is, who are you baby?

I love not finding out the gender.  It's exciting.  I know some people would beg to differ with me, but I think it is the best surprise ever. Wondering who is in there yet all the while knowing you love them unconditionally regardless of their gender.  I read this blog post a while back, and it really resonated with me.  It's as if she took the words right out of my head {yet in such a more eloquent way than I could ever articulate!}.  I too hate the question of "what do you want?"  It so doesn't matter boy or girl.  You really don't have a preference.  For me, not finding out truly has allowed me to focus on praying for a healthy baby and focusing on God's providence.

I had this print in G's nursery and have moved it to the baby's nursery.  Oh how I love this verse.  Only He knows who this child is because He created him or her and has given me the incredible opportunity to be his or her mom.  I don't go back and forth on whether I think it's a boy or a girl or whether or not I want a boy or girl because I know {and take great comfort in knowing} the Lord has known from day one who this baby is.  Just as Blair writes, He chose this baby to be a boy or a girl to bring glory to Himself and good to my family.  So that is what I take such joy and peace in knowing.  Now just get here already, baby! We cannot wait to meet you.


  1. I was so late with Owen, I completely understand how you're feeling right now.

    I want to say "Hang in there! Soon enough you'll have that baby in your arms!" but I know that's probably annoying at this point. I hope he / she comes today. Nothing better than not knowing who that baby is and then getting to find out -- no truer surprise in the world!

  2. Hoping you get to celebrate their birthday sooner rather than later!