Thursday, August 15, 2013

Welcome to the world Baby Jude!

With painful contractions and false labor, I spent the last two weeks of my pregnancy thinking this baby was going to come any minute.  Wrong!  So the day after my due date, my doctor scheduled an induction.  We woke up last Tuesday morning anxious and excited to finally get to meet our new little one.  The grandparents were in town and the little man was taken care of so we were feeling good.  We checked into the hospital at 7am, and at 5:23pm Jude Maxwell Bolton entered the world.  A few rough spots due to some nausea, but the overall delivery was a cakewalk compared to George's birth.  I literally pushed three times, and there was Jude. It's so true when they say the second delivery is so much easier.  Easier yes, and just as special and incredible?  Absolutely!

Getting settled in and so ready to meet our little one.

Jude arrives and certainly made his presence known. 
The child has quite a set of lungs on him.
A big boy!

Love at first sight.

Meeting the grandparents.
Jude and his Poppa share the same middle name which is also my grandmother's maiden name.

George coming to meet his little brother for the first time.

Baby Jude got G a "big brother" gift, and he loved it!

George has been the best big brother from the minute he laid eyes on Jude.
Hugging and kissing him, saying, "My Jude.  My Baby Jude."
Talk about making a momma's heart swell.
Our family of four!

 Friends coming to meet Jude.

Little man is back!
 Ready to go home!


 This is how poor Jude arrived home!

Home sweet home!
Let the adventure of "two under two" begin...


  1. These pictures are so special Rach. I'm so happy for you and the family. What a sweet time! xo LK

  2. he is just precious Rachel! congrats u look awesome love the bolton family of 4!

  3. Welcome to the world baby Jude! You look fantastic!!

  4. You look so alert, happy, and amazing!!! Congrats on the growing fam!