Friday, September 5, 2014

Mr. & Mrs. Party

I cannot believe my baby brother is getting married tomorrow! My mom and I are headed to set up for the rehearsal dinner right now, but I just had to share some pics from the party I threw the happy couple when we were home this summer.

The couple to be recently moved to San Francisco but they ventured back to Texas this summer for a weekend of wedding parties and showers. I wanted to host an intimate family party the day they were leaving to wrap up the weekend and spend some time with them before they headed to the airport. We joke in my family that the best parties are just "chippin and dippin" so went with that as our theme and had to add in some "cocktail sippin" as well!
I thought the mustache and lips were perfect for our Mr. and Mrs. theme and had the best time making the invitations.

These darling cocktail glasses were my inspiration for the party.

Our "cocktail sippin" bar offered the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. favorite libations.
Prosecco and peach puree for the bride to be.
How fun are these straws I made?
The groom to be loves sweet tea and bourbon, so we offered a sweat tea bar.

My favorite DIY vases.
Stripped beer bottles with washi tape.
So easy!

The couple's favorite "dippin."
His and Hers!
Her favorite dessert is s'mores, so this dip was a huge hit!
He loves cheesecake, and this was amazing.

Cheers to the happy couple!

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