Saturday, September 13, 2014

Live Creatively

I am in San Francisco this weekend for Re:Make and let me tell you I am blown away by the maker movement. Waking up today my brain is filled with inspiration after hearing from so many makers, innovators and creatives, especially the fine folks from Lowe's. I have to be honest, when I think of Lowe's the first thought that comes to mind is hardware for B's garage shelving project he's been planning. Followed by thoughts of drilling and stepping on nails. But yesterday I was delighted and enlightened to learn that Lowe's is really all about living creatively and allowing us to do so using the most advanced technology. Did you know their Innovation Labs have created a Holoroom? It's a simulator to allow customers to visualize a finished home improvement project in their home. I mean how cool is technology?? If you're a maker, you finally have the tools needed to make your creations come to life. And we are all makers really. Whether you make something for a living or you're like me just making projects to decorate the house or entertain the kids, Lowe's can provide the tools to make that happen. And the inspiration as well. We all love Pinterest, but did you know that Lowe's is one of the most followed brands on Pinterest? I am loving their Hello Fall board right now and cannot stop pinning their ideas for the season. Every project begins with an idea and thanks to Lowe's all of us makers can see that idea become a finished project. 

Stay tuned for more Re:Make highlights this week!

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