Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy One Month Birthday, Jude!

Happy one month birthday, Jude!
Better late than never...

What a month it has been.
You are such a good baby and just go with the flow.
You were spoiled the first four weeks of your life having a grandmother with us.
Your big brother loves you so, and you are such a trooper to endure his not so gentle love!
You love to be held.
Your favorite place to sleep is in your car seat which helps your momma considering we are always out and about.
You are a happy baby and melt your parents' hearts smiling at just a few weeks.
You love bath time but don't love when it's over.
You love to eat {and spit up!} and are quite a chunk!
You are such a strong little fellow and already hold your head up so well.
This first month has flown by!
As much as I covet my sleep, I have to say I enjoy your late night feedings because it's the only time when it's just the two of us.
Nothing makes me happier than sweet snuggles with you my little man.
Happy one month birthday, Jude!