Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy two month birthday, Jude!

Look who's two months old!

Month two was quite the busy one for this little man!
He took his first road trip to Atlanta for our first vacay as a family of four and rocked it.
Slept much better than his older brother!
Month two was also the first time he was away from his mama and dada.
MeMo and Pappy stayed with him and G while we went away for some much needed alone time.
We also had lots of friends visit, and he enjoyed meeting so many new faces.
He still loves to eat and his two month check-up proved it for sure.
Weighing in at 15lbs 1oz, he weighs the same his brother did at his four month check-up.
99% percentile for height, 95% percentile for weight and 99% for head, he's a healthy, happy boy!
The highlight of this month has to be his killer smile!
Jude is just so lovable and happy and lights up whenever we talk or sing to him.
He's cooing and almost laughing and loves to keep the beat with music.
Here's hoping he has his dad and brother's musical ability!

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