Monday, October 7, 2013

Scenes from the weekend...

Oh what a fun weekend we enjoyed! One of my best friends from college and her adorable family traveled to Nashville in honor of the Mizzou/Vandy game.  Although we never made it to the game, it was a pretty good excuse to have them here. They arrived Friday night, and we were so thrilled to introduce Baby Jude to sweet Etta Kate, Matilda and Margaret. G was just excited to see EK again! Of course we headed to our favorite family-friendly pizza joint {bless their waitstaff!}. What a sight we were! Attempting to enjoy a glass of prosecco and catch up all while wiping noses and refiling sippy cups. Oh how times have changed! We managed to get everyone home and in bed and enjoy a glass of wine and some adult conversation. Whit and I naively let the guys go play golf the next morning thinking we could handle the five two and under. After quite the effort to load everyone up and then out again, we made it to the Village Artisan Festival. Too bad it was nearly 90 degrees with kids needing naps and hungry mamas. We lasted ten minutes. Dumped the kids back at home with the dads and managed to have some girl time shopping. Oh it's the little things! Chose to dine in with our kids in their MU gear, snapped some quick pics and put them to bed. Enjoyed the victory over Vandy and went to bed ourselves. I have never been so pooped {in the best way!}. Slept in Sunday thanks to B and enjoyed the best rainy afternoon. Highlight of the weekend? All four Boltons napping at the same time!

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  1. I thought of you Saturday and wondered if you were at the game! Love all the kids' Mizzou cute! Hope to do lunch soon.